Can I apply compensation event obj 292 for false ban?

can I apply for compensation for false ban ? because i got banned before like 3-4 days from total 14days ( false ban ) because someone report me for abusing bugs.

and i cant complete task 7 & 8 object 292 tank because got ban before

can u guys give me some advice or information about this problem ? because i alrd waste my time for 6 task

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Dont abuse bugs 👍

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Did you abuse bugs?

im not using any bugs

I wonder if shooting though bushes and things that have not rendered counts as “abusing bugs”. Like am I just supposed to close my eyes or something?

no, thats why i got unban after 3 days ban ( total 14 days )

maybe hahaha

Im looking through your replays and you’re obviously on a new account your replay on fields of poland winter in the mbt2000 is already egregious multiple times you attempt to kill people without any line of sight while playing it off as your squadmate in the bmp-3 marking them with the recon drone

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which mode ? because today i just play arcade battle, and can u tell me about the replay tutorial because im still new



thanks everyone <3