Can gaijin finally fix night battles?

Ever since night battles were re-introduced it’s still in this absolutely atrocious half baked form, absolutely asinine for actual gameplay, so you have night battles for people who actually want to play night battles, cool so why is it that they still dump flares all over the place despite the fact that the only people who will enter night battles are those who willingly enabled it? I have to use nods because there are plenty of dimly lit places around where tanks will absolutely hide in if I don’t use nods, and yet every 5 goddamn seconds the sun shines back down which makes nods absolutely unusable, so I have to keep turning nods on and off just to be able to see properly? In addition, the free nods that everyone are supposed to get if you don’t have thermals yet are still missing, and the lack of a dedicated queue for night battles ONLY means that it’s literally a dice roll as to whether or not you’d even get into night battles. So why oh why is it that night battles are still in such an appalling state? Where is this supposed rework that was done during the entire time night battles were removed? If so little care is placed on night battles then what’s even the point of having night battles? Why not just delete them from the game forever?

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