Can gaijin add more such buildings to the map? it looks very cool

these camouflage nets and tents can be added to any map to decorate open areas.
it can also be added to more spawning sites.
it is applicable to all WW2 and modern maps


give a few examples

aral sea
red desert
maginot line
sinai peninsula (big)

The spawning points on these maps are all very open, with large flat terrain. It is very suitable to add these buildings. can provide some visual masking

Flanders is such a cool map for the advancements made… I can’t wait for the next map creation in this new tech setup.

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and the Netherlands, it looks very beautiful,the first modern style map.but it’s too small

That is true, I feel that map has a bit of scaling going on, as it feels bigger than European province. Just a slight bit.

i recommend everyone to give it a try, it’s so interesting

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