Can anything be done to fix barrel models with volumetric?

Can barrels have volumetric removed?

Can the be modeled properly?

Is it possible for this game to produce consistency?

Would you be so kind as to add a justification?

He shot at some dude’s barrel hit it at a bad angle causing no damage.

What is a bad angle for destruction of a barrel?

Headon? From the side?

Give me the angles at which barrels should not be destroyed.

Its a valid compliant. Right now the game pretty much only destroys the barrel if you hit the muzzle.
IRL even if you get a ricochet off the side of it, the boresight is going to be completely wrecked. You’re not going to hit anything with it and tube rupture (banana) is likely.
OTOH and also IRL, being able to hit a barrel on purpose is not thing. So it should be a totally RNG thing.

Basically, if it is at an angle that causes a ricochet, the barrel is fine. Hitting directly headon or from the side will destroy it.

This is the expected behavior. Yet with volumetric it does not occur.

In my experience, that is how it works. As long as I hit their barrel dead on and not at a ricochet angle, their barrel is damaged.
I usually try not to go for barrels because of how small of a target it is and I would prefer to take out a tank in one shot rather than try to pick away at their barrel/tracks.

This is the intended function but due to volumetric it does not apply ingame.

It applies to my games.

You should play more games so you can get a full understanding of War Thunder’s mechanics.

I think I have played more than enough to know how hitting barrels works in war thunder.

You are a funny man…

You stated barrels are destroyed when impacted from the front or the side this is not representative of the reality ingame.

I dont know else to say other than that it works when I do it.