Can anyone explain why the PUMA is 10.0?

With no ATGMs and a 30mm cannon, why exactly is it 10.0, the same BR as the Strf 9040 BILL, BMP-2M, M3A3, VCC-80/30, QN506, and Freccia instead of somewhere nearer the Cv9030FIN, VBCI-2, etc? It’s got poor armament, mediocre mobility, and armor that was blatantly OP when it was added at 8.3 but by 10.0 is ineffective. If it had working AHEAD ammunition it might be a bit different, but it seems to me like the PUMA is just decidedly underpowered.

I’m not trying to start an argument, just want to understand if there’s something about this vehicle I’m missing that I need to take advantage of.


Only Gaijin can answer your question - no one else knows how BR’s are selected.

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Fair enough but don’t help me none

A lot of the recent BR changes are total bs imo

Puma has Multifunction Self Protection System APS (Actieve Protectieve System) which is very rare in WT compare to other nations APS (Actieve Protectieve System) only a few countries have that in they medium tanks and not on light tank.

Puma is deadly in hand of skilled players which can take down low flying helicopters and against higher tier tanks. The BR 10.0 is okay for Puma.

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It`s more like a passive system cause it is not destroying the threat just misguiding it.

I have a different question: Since then does the Puma has a 200 shell first stage ammunition.
It takes 2 minutes to fill 200 shells up or you engage - retreat - fill the first stage ammunition a little - engage and repeat.
In conclusion another huge nerf to the Puma!

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I haven’t noticed the MUSS really protecting me; it’s almost always darts that I am facing.
And the PUMA has the same or lower rate of fire as other IFVs and - in no way is it better at dealing with helicopters. That’s why I said if the AHEAD ammunition worked right it’d be different- then the PUMA would be a more capable AA. Unless I’m missing some key feature of the PUMA in the AA role?

The MUSS must manuel activated in game is not auto activation like the other APS in tanks. If you activate it works fine except against helicopters with atgm of course.

Puma was design as ifv not as AA like the 2s38 from USSR.

Yet the 2s38 performs much better in all roles compared to the puma. And there is no option to activate the MUSS

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The PUMAs APS only works against older missiles, stuff like TOW-2 or any of the soviet beam riders will ignore it completely and those are the only ATGMs you see at 10.0 they should ideally just give the PUMA its SPIKE ATGMs and move it up to 10.3

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