Can a moderator please communicate about the flagging system?

Mother of god this is getting ridiculous, every post talking about this flagging system instantly gets flagged and moderators jumping on it like a free sample at the supermarket, this system is getting abused and posts are being hidden left and right because some bad actors are just flagging everything, even when posts have a lot of upvotes.

Maybe it was a bad idea to completely remove the ability for players to disagree with something and have this fake, forced positivity where you can only upvote, and if you disagree you can not downvote something or leave a confused reaction, but instead you give them a flagging system with an extremely low threshold that also leaves people anonymous and moderators anonymous.

To a point where accounts just get locked down because they get flagged an arbitrary amount of times, even if they got double the upvotes, only thing that is being counted are flags.

We have a whole bunch of moderators that can just go and do their job, the community can not and should not do their job for them.


Never going to make OT III, I mean TL3, with that attitude, Thetan.


I doubt anyone will.

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Yes, in fact on behalf of the moderation team I made a post explaining the flagging system and why it can’t be abused. However also keep in mind that I believe we can make adjustments to the flagging system as needed and if you find issues you’re welcome to let us know in PM.

We will deny flags that are made against posts which don’t break the rules. We will agree with flags that do break the rules. If a post gets hidden and it is denied by us as it is invalid, the post will be restored. Due to the fact that we review every flag (not instantly, but we do review them all), there is little room for actual abuse to occur. You can always PM a Forum Moderator if you are sure that your post does not break the rules and it has been flagged/hidden.

If you have issues with our actual moderation, outside of the hidden posts as part of the flagging system, you are free to contact any of us.

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