Camping spot and point dropping speed in map Middle East

It’s a bit complaining.
The first issue is that the sniping spot (so called camping spot since you can snipe to the spawn of one side) in the map Middle East which located in top right corner of the map is still existing while some similar locations in other maps have been changed in the recent update. Please consider to make some change to the map.
The second issue is that the point dropping speed of battle with single capture point when the point has been captured is considerably fast, or the airfield in the Middle East is too far from the battle zone to let player make a successful nuking. To be specific, in wthis battle, Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On, I was taking off with my nuking Jaguar with minimum fuel, while my team still had 8000pts but the capture point is capped by enemy team. In most of the case in other maps, it only takes the time that the point dropping from 8000 to 4000 for me to fly to the tank battle zone to drop the nuke. But in this map, I was not able to make it. Even though several teammates were killed by enemy campers while I was flying to the battle zone, the speed of point dropping is still way too fast.

1st off you get no sympathy from me due to entering player spawn with your 1st tank with no capture point taken.
2nd you just got sniped and your killer got eye for an eye and you was not at your spawn, you was close to cap, 3rd you got killed from middle of map, 5th you got killed before you could drop nuke, not sure about your last remaining team mate. Enemy teamwon defended the cap.

Nuke did go off but match had already ended , you was just a second or 2 from winning

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It’s not about any sympathy since the top4 enemy players are in a squad with two of them were sniping my teammates which are just came out from spawn point and I was the one finish the camper.

Also if you have any experience of saving a losing battle with nuke in this br you would know that the time taken for a supersonic nuke carrier(Su-7 and Jaguar) fly from the 13km-off airfield to the ground battle zone should always be about 2-3mins, which in most cases the point should drop only about 4k but not 8k as in this battle, even the death of the teammates should not make it drop this fast. (I know each death will cause 100pts drop but it’s not enough to end the game) This unreasonably point dropping is what I’m mainly complaining about.

Surely I was ‘killed’ before I drop the nuke but I was in control of the plane till the very last second(my pilot was not dead), which means I could still drop the nuke to win the battle if there was still a time. This is a common situation that the nuke carrier was shot down while the nuke is dropping out.

The facts that the sniping hill in this map and the unreasonably point dropping for single capping battle are existing, and are not related to what you mentioned -trying to tell me why I was lost. I think it might bring you some sympathy if you ever be at the right top coner of the Middle Eat, see through the street which both spawn for enemy team will pass, or make a nuke by yourself trying to save a battle with most of teammates quit, cap was lost, but there’s still thousands pts on your side.

Don’t worry, they will either flatten that hill, block it off or make it out of bounds. They are dumbing down every map so that no thought is required or any strategy possible other than holding down W. Regenerating health and x-ray vision will be next.

You played hard and like i said the nuke does detonate at end of replay