"Camouflage condition: 100%" does NOT look 100% at all in many cases

I believe this to be a relatively pressing matter, since Camouflage Condition is one of the main features unlocked with paid Premium Account.

As of now, it’s as if the feature barely worked at all. Many vehicles, at “condition: 100%”, still look like they’ve been rusting in a scrapyard for years, and it’s been the case ever since the introduction of Ground Forces back in 2014.

Camouflage condition: 100% should be the option for the users who want their vehicles to actually look fresh and new. That’s the point of the slider: to let Premium users to choose whether they want their vehicles to look beat down, or brand new! But the feature is essentially non-functional in many cases.

THIS is what I want my tank to look like when I set Camouflage Condition to 100%:


Yes! And add this to planes as well! I want my fresh off the lot look


other american entitled post

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What does this have to do with America or entitlement lmao

As I have specified, this goes for many tanks in the game across all nations and has been a thing since 2014, just because I used an Abrams as an example it…

Meh, not even worth it.


Yes please, it’s so annoying to have the “100%” camo still look like a neglected museum piece you know they used to model the thing in game


French tanks in standard look like they spent ten years in the sea ,they need a real sort out. Camos are pretty awful especially ww2 time


Personally I don’t mind for as soon as one gets into a battle the vehicle will collect dust and dirt immediately anyway…
However I do see your point and agree with you. 100% camo condition should look like fresh painted with the painter still having a smoke after job well done… :)


Yes, i want to make my beautifull Nato tanks look clean and fresh and i want to make my russian tanks look even dusty, rusty, old dirty and scratched

it adds to realism


BMP-3 dirty ass, doesn’t matter how much premium I pay, never looks good.

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What has this got to do with anything???

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I agree. I tried 100% years ago but gave up after seeing that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Would be a nice small QoL change.

Set at 100%, still looks like it was taken out of mud