Camo Progression in the Game

The Camouflage progression in the game needs some rework. Once the vehicles get past Rank 3 The numbers to unlock camouflage for tanks becomes absurd to unlock.

Like for instance to unlock the first Leopard 2A6 camouflage you would need to kill 490 Players using the tank or the next one is nearly 710 players. I just want to get the chance to at least be a little bit more tactical without resorting to spending the 200 GE for the added advantage to blend in the maps.

Maybe if all tanks had a baseline number to unlock camouflage without having to grind out absurd amounts of kills on one vehicle


I totally agree. I think they should also add the option to purchase the camo early for SL too. Im sick of getting winter maps in my desert camo german and italian tanks.


Agree as well.

Actually created a camo lineup across most nations just to achieve the camos through kills. Starting in the low BRs and working my way through. Good times. Yes the camo award requirements really jump when advancing up the tiers. (Talking ground vehicles). I noticed that you can’t achieve most of the camos in the Japanese tree unless you’re willing to fork over the GE’s. Disappointing, especially in the low tiers. I get spending GEs in the higher tiers, I’ve spent some on US, Russian and German top tiers, but not going to spend GEs in tiers 1 - 3.

Would be good if the snail would revisit the camo kill requirements on vehicles and also open up some vehicles so that you can achieve camos through kills instead of locking them behind GE’s.

Said this in another thread but premium vehicles Mark of Distinction should reward the player with a special camo instead of additional slots for decorations. Premium players already receive the bonus slots so …

Would love to be able to use my convertible rp’s to unlock camos as the rp’s would actually get used instead of sitting there doing nothing.

Please consider revisiting/revising the camo requirements for ground vehicles Gaijin.


That’s not all. You could grind ALL the skins for a vehicle and then later gaijin adds a new skin. The screwed up thing is that the new skin will have ZERO kill count and it will be added on top of the other skins with highest kill requirement. For example, to get all the skins, including the top one, you had to get 360 kills. You got that 360 kills and you got all the skins for that unit. Now gaijin adds a new skin and asks 380 or even 400 kills. So now you have all the skins except the new one and you would have to get YET ANOTHER 360 kills plus the extra 20-40 to get the new skin. Now, a year later gaijin adds a new skin to it. Guess what… you will need YET ANOTHER 360 kills plus the extra to get that one silly skin. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Same thing is with the medals. For example, one of my German medals didn’t count more than 10,000 of my kills. Medals for lower tier Naval have zero count for multiple nations, even though I have German, Russian and US (less) Naval mostly grinded and spaded smh. Don’t even get me started how screwed up the requirements for all other medals are. You would have to spend something like 100 years gaming to get all of them. It’s just pathetic. Meanwhile I am Level 100 player for the last 8 years with nothing to look for in that. That’s part of the old system when gaijin didn’t go crazy (yet) with the requirements.
I sometimes feel that the enemy is not the enemy team, but the game itself with shoddy requirements, changes and shoddy match maker that constantly uptiers you. Too many things just don’t make any sense. They had almost 11 years to make this game fun and interesting. Instead, the fun was sucked out of this game a long time ago.


Agreed. Hopefully Gaijin will revisit/revise the camo requirements in the near future. Also in agreement about medals but that is another topic.


This idea might be added as a suggestion to Suggestions category in this forum.

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Not only they need a lot of kills to get this camouflage, but also it shows in the beginning af finish line of, say 900 points (5 for each kill) but once you get close to the 900 ponits you find out that now you need even more points, one of my tank presently requires 1210 points, but it started out with 900. Not fun to do a marathon where the finish line is constantly moving away from you…

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Update on this camouflage. Once I reached the 1210 as mentioned in previous post, the finish line jumped to 1320 - rather frustrating as the marathon gets longer and longer… Wonder where finish line might be (if any)

Yet another update: Now I reached 1320, it jumped to 1430, wonder where the finish line actually is. This vehicle is an M60A1 AOS. In the XM 803 I also use in this line-up reached the finish line at 1050…