Came across a new kind of cheat today

Not sure if this is the right topic to post about so sorry if it isnt. Also sorry for my english if i mispronounce things im not a native speaker.
So i was playing on fields of normandy earlier today and came a cross a VT 1-2 that could rotate hes guns 360 around the tanks hull. we were both side on side from each other and this guy rotates hes guns 90 degrees through hes hull and clips me. I first thought it was a bug from my side but sure enough when i respawned i got killed by that same dude. Hes hull was pointing 180 opposite from my tank but he just rotated hes guns 180 through the hull and clipped me.


Go check the server replay. It is possible a desyncronisation bug between the server and your client.

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Usually, what you see DURING THE GAME is “reasonably” synced, unless some player is having serious network issues. I can usually rely on what i see in terms of vehicle position. heading and turret position. Some minor (10degs or less) issues sometimes appear…but when i see someone’s flank or turret side, it is usually their real position…

Instant replay is NOT trustworthy…firing vehicle is often moved depending on what he did after firing…

SERVER replay is usually ok…in the sense that it is what the server considered that happened. In normal times it will match the real time occurences…BUT if major network issues occured, then you can have some visible differences.

THAT SAID…if server replay looks ok, probably network issues. IF not…then it can be something else…and you can report the “bug” using the server replay.