Call of the dragon event realease

Does anyone know when the call of the dragon event is coming to Australia on ps4?

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Updates are usually in ~6 hours from now for me but that’s for PC

Yeah I just want to complete the first 2 days task cause I have to go to my dads and I don’t have a PlayStation there

Starts 11gmt. You can convert that to your time zone online.

11gmt am or pm

It is on the 24hr scale. So 11am. 11pm would be 23gmt

So I think it releases for me at 6 in the morning

11:00 gmt is 01:00 the next day on the East Coast

Wait am or pm

Imma bit special

01:00 24 hr clock - 1am

Fuck yes Thankyou so much

I think five hours of sleep on a school night is good enough

If you have access to caffeine, then yes!

What time zone are you in?

Australia is GMT+10

Australia has 3 time zones, not including daylight savings.

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New South Wales

Will start at 10pm for you.

Alright thankyou very much and i appreciate your help very much