Call of the Dragon event is horrible

this event did not get easier from previous events by all means, back then you only had to grind 400k score for 1 single vehicle to sell both low tier and high tier and 320k score if you want it for your self.
currently it’s harder for everyone, people who want to sell it and keep it. since gaijin decided that putting the maxumim score to 45k is a good idea now people who want to get 1 vehicle need to grind 360k score, and for the people want to sell it 750k score. they literally just forced everyone who wants to sell the vehicle to grind almost the amount of score required to sell 2x vehicles.
how is this balanced? my sleep schedule is ruined be cause if this event.

many people complain that the vehicles on the market are going lower and lower in prices each event but that doens’t mean make the event impossible for people who want to sell in order to make the vehicles way more expensive and valuable there’s many ways to fix this core issue of vehicles being low on price, first of all why vehicles are being low on price in the market? be cause there’s almost 5k+ players who sell the vehicle as soon as they get it, why would they do that? be cause they want to buy premium packs to grind tech trees.

Why can’t they just spend money and buy the premium packs, its easy just literally take a look on these pack prices even on sales. for players who live in a 3rd world country this is insane amount of money even on sales,that’s why many people who want to sell the vehicle just can’t get access to lots of money during sales or in general to spend on this game, so instead of making something barely running completely broken think about the core issue, that’s what gaijin does every time it sees a problem in the game. JUST BREAK IT MORE BRO, No stop being greedy pigs.


it is awesome so ez points to get i play 8 hours a day barely, barely 8 hours and so ez to get it i really dont understand

What if you compare the time a free player needs to grind a free tree rank VII tank with the time he needs to get it in an event?

Personally, I don’t want to invest this much time into just another vehicle. So I just ignore the event. Some people thrive on it, let them have fun.