Calculating pentration values for practice rounds

Hi all,

some might know that we have practice rounds in game, which are sometimes included in aircraft’s ammo belts.

For me the japanese 30mms are the most interesting ones (Ho-155 & Type 5).

Some time ago Gajin switched the pen values of aircraft cannons into the “de marre” formular to a have a unified system.

AFAIK the practise rounds weren’t touched by this change Preformatted textas the pen values remained the same as they always were. (23mm pen at 0m, 0°)

Now I’m wondering: Is the 23mm pen value accurate?

Ammo stats:

Calibre: 30mm

Muzzle velocity: 920m/sec

Mass: 0.33kg

Explosive filler: 0.00g

With Gajin’s calculator I’m getting 52.66mm of pen for an AP round.

From what I understand practise rounds are just worse AP rounds, but what would an accurate multiplier be to calculate the pen for them? Any idea?

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