CAC Sabre / CA-27 (A jet that should have been added years ago)

Is there any interest in receiving this jet? Earlier in the game’s life it was hypothesized this would show up at some point and cause a menace but it never happened. Would you still want to see it in game?

What it does differently from the related F-86F models is that it adds a new rolls royce engine to replace the GE J47 it (F86F) had. This gave it a large thrust increase.

It also received 2x30mm aden cannons instead of the usual 6x 50 cal loadout, can’t forget that.

Also, the aircraft can have wing slats to improve agility as well depending on what variant of it they want to implement.

I would imagine this would go into the british tree, perhaps at 9.3, perhaps after or before the lightning? If not, maybe after the Hunter F.1.

Any thoughts?


Would certainly be interesting, Britian could do with some more gun fighters at the high 8s/low 9s.

If it had missiles. Then Id imagine 9.3. If not I’d guess 8.7-9.0. As for placement, Between the Javelin and lightning might make sense.

It gets AIM-9Bs I believe depending on what variant of it gaijin decides to add

Problem with this, is that it has similar thrust to the CL13B Mk6 along with possibly (depending on variant) wing slats. It also has 2x30mm adens instead of the 6 .50 cals so I think it can’t be the same BR as F-86F2 or F-86F-25.

Compression sucks is the moral of the story, idk if there really is a BR it could fit. They need to decompress jets badly.

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I dont think this matters too much. Whilst yes the 30mm ADENs hit harder. they are typically harder to use and have less ammo. So i think it would semi-cancel it out. Focus should be on the flight model. If 2x 9Bs then maybe slightly higher, but not that they are all that impressive when you have aircraft with 9Es at 9.3 like the Hunter FGA9 or Lightning with Red Tops at 9.3.

So again, maybe secondary?

But yeah, its a very tricky aircraft to place. Maybe premium? We lack a good “fighter” at that BR.

I was talking about the jets as a whole, but the 30mm does help a lot. I think this jet would just be a better F-86F-2 basically, similar to CL13B Mk6 in flight performance but with good 30mms.

I would like to see CA-27 Mk.30 cuz it has same wing with A-5 Sabre.

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Likewise with F-86H
Should have been added long time ago, when CL-13B Mk.6 was the “King of the skies”
I still think Gaijin went a bit too fast through the jet generations leaving quite the few of tech trees with huge gaps.

I’m afraid that ship has sailed long time ago but doesn’t mean I don’t support addition of Avon Sabre.

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The CL-13B Mk. 6 was never “king of the sky”, except for the 9.7BR hard cap.

Probably, You are confused to CL-13A Mk.5 that was fastest jet in the game but, If we had gotten F-86H or CA-27 when we were stuck with 9.0BR they would have been broken overpowered.

Anyway, I would like to see the F-86H as well, but it would be closer to the F-86K due to the somewhat increased weight over the F-86F.

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They could have been added with CL13B Mk6. This was the same patch that introduced the T-2K.

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Would still be relevant now at the UK doesn’t have a competent fighter past 8.7 until the Gripen.

Definitely would be fantastic to see still and worthwhile.

Its a shame the Hunters are all too high BRed

They’re at their proper BRs more or less, the game is just compressed. There is no shot in hell the Hunter F.1 would be fine at 8.7 killing F-84Gs in downtiers. If it wasn’t fine to downtier it to 8.7 back when it came out (it was one of the best jets at the time lol) then it isn’t ok now.

Yeah, though at the same time, the Hunters are also not fun at their current BRs because of the 10s you face. It is totally a compression issue, you are right, they cant go down anywhere, but at the same time, they need to :D

When it came out its rivals were different, its niche wasn’t filled. If they kept the same br’s permanently the game would be a shit show the aircraft is not worthy of its BR. Sweden has literally got a better version at the same br.

Its much more comparable to 8.7 aircraft than it is to 9.0s, it is in no way equal to a Cl-13Mk.5, F-2 sabre or Lim-5P. Perhaps in the past it was but it has been nerfed since and other aircraft rebalanced/buffed. The only advantages it has going for it is that it has a high burst mass and its fast-ish, fast depending on what it’s facing.

If they want to add the P…1109B at 9.0 to replace it then i’m all for it but you can’t just refuse to alter br’s because it was added at a different one originally not sure what sort of argument that is.

Agreed, although i’m torn on the Mk.6 i’d much rather it lost the SRAAM’s and wen’t to 9.0 and the P.1109B went at 9.3 with its red tops.

Yeah, we’ll have to see what they are like after their overhaul (if it ever happens)

Would be funny if the FGR phantoms got SRAAM’s as their ‘all-aspect’ missile at 11.3…

Anyway I digress off topic.

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Compression doesn’t solve compression. Hunter F1 is not at all fair to fight 7.7-8.3 regularly.

I agree.

Now I disagree, the Lim-5P, or the Mig-15bis, or the Cl-13 or the F-2. The difference is the Hunter is drastically worse than the aforementioned aircraft.

The Hunter F.1 is much better balanced against 8.7 aircraft than those at 9.0. At 8.7 its only advantage would be its top speed, which firstly it cannot achieve because the fuel load is either too low to reach your top speed on one refuel, or at 18 minutes where it quite literally cannot reach its top speed for 15 whole minutes.

I’m sure we agree the only advantage of the Hunter is its speed. It’s burst mass is from the ADEN’s but those are easily dodgeable and the Hunter cannot pull into people who dodge headons. However at 8.7 the G/91 is only 50km/h slower whilst having better fuel loadouts, missiles, maneuverability, acceleration and T/W.

I don’t know what aircraft you’re basing off at 8.7 that would make you think the Hunter is 9.0 material when at 9.0 there are aircraft that do literally everything better than it.