C2A1 Leopard should have DM63

Given that Canada has been using these tanks well into the 2000’s that means they would be using the latest NATO ammunition. In War thunder this would be DM63.



Right to Toptier it should go 😂

considering how many other 9.0 tanks already have DM63, its not a stretch at all.

tanks that have DM63 at 9.0 are the following
Olifant mk.2
Strv 105
Magach 6C
Magach 6B Gal


DM33 is good for 9.0. The tanks with DM63 all have other drawbacks, mostly mobility. The C2A1 really doesn’t need a better shell imo

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The C2A1 has quite low mobility because of the added weight of the mexas armour packages.

What I hope to see soon is the C2A1 be a tech tree vehicle for britain, germany got the vehicle as an event vehicle because its a leopard. But Canada which is in the British Commonwealth countries list, used it and it should be in the British Tech Tree.

I want to be able, like I presume others might, to use the Canada Armed Forces Day decal on the C2A1 in the british tree instead of on a german vehicle.


“Muh commonwealth!”

So let me get this straight, you think Britain should get Leopards, Leopard 2s, Abrams, T90s, F-18s, and MiG-21s because a couple hundred years ago England subjugated a bunch of countries? Get real.

Britbongs IRL:


Yeah and Germany should get Britain as a subtree because it’s germanic. C2A1 and Hunter is already there /s


No…because commonwealth countries are enclosed into the British Faction, there are RAAF and South African vehicles and Canadian vehicles in the British Tree. So yes they should continue to add more so that those who want to fly those vehicles in the british tree were they will be sorted in, can fly/play them. It’s nothing to do with patriotism or anything like that rubbish LMAO. It’s because thats were the vehicles are placed currently ingame nationwise and it’s an absolute inconsistant mess to choose some vehicles to go in a random tree but every other from that nation in a logical tree.

Same as how Austrian vehicles and Swiss vehicles are in the german tree. It would make no sense for example for lets say the British Saber F-86 F.4’s (Mark 4’s) to be in the US tech tree when Britain had 430 of them in it’s RAF.

I will also note that Sweden recently gained finnish T-55M’s because they have been grouped with the Swedish tree. It makes perfect sense and people are enjoying them. So I would say it makes perfect logical sense for the C2A1, CF-104, F.86 F.4 and others to be in the British Tree if that is how things are grouped currently.

Many who play the British Tech Tree wouldn’t mind to either have another sub-tree alongside the different forms of military that is purely Commonwealth Countries, so you have a British Tech Tree and after Coastal Fleet you have a tab saying Commonwealth Army and Commonwealth Aircraft that contain all the vehicles from those nations.

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Commonwealth countries are not ‘enclosed’ in Britain… The C2A1 and TH-800 are in the German tree, the Australian M1A1 AIM and M4A5 are in the US tree…

Sweden Finnish vehicles because they have a Finnish sub-tree. Smin has already confirmed that the British tree is NOT a ‘Commonwealth’ tree.

Here’s a novel thought; If you want to play Leopards and Abrams, maybe you should consider grinding their respective trees instead of wanting to have it handed to you on a silver platter.


I already have those vehicles in those respective trees, I have leopards and abrams tanks. The thing is gaijin is being inconsistant with how vehicles are chosen for which tech trees regardless of who used them. If we were given concise information that vehicles should only be in the trees of the countries that built them, then half of britains top tier needs to be american, a quarter of britains premiums need to move to the us tree. Nearly all of chinas vehicles need to go back to the russian tech tree and so forth.

Or gaijin continues which is what they have been doing adding vehicles from nations that don’t exist yet but can be linked to those already ingame historically in a realistic fashion, allowing those who want to fly or play commonwealth country vehicles in the british tree, and those who want to play taiwanese aircraft in the chinese tree.

Canadian M4A5 (which it was never called), thank you very much. There’s currently Canadian vehicles in three trees, which is kinda annoying tbh.


I never said it wasn’t Canadian

No, itis fine at 9.0 with DM33, if you ask me to add/change something on its modification, I would say:

  1. Replace DM23 with C76A1.(since it’s a Canadian vehicle, more Canadian features would make this vehicle less that CoPy PaStE)
  2. Give it a option to go to the battle with/without MEXAS armour. (just like what Gaijin did on M1128)
  3. Give it a dozer blade. (there are enough pictures to prove that C2A1 could use dozer blade)

This is mostly true, except for the Olifant mk.2. That thing is a monster compared to other 9.0’s. It has gen 2 thermals, DM63, composite armor and a 1000hp engine which produces a fairly decent mobility. Quite frankly it should be 9.3 like the Magach 7C and Gal Batash in Israel. i digress, your point does make sense.

This would indeed be an improvement on the vehicle.

The C2A1 is incredibly strong and balanced where it’s at. I don’t think adding a better round to it would be a good idea given its gun is already the strongest point of the vehicle and all its current flaws (mobility, armor, targeting speed) would be made exponentially worse against more advanced vehicles.

I haven’t done that much research into the C2 however I can find that Canada purchased “SUB CALIBRE TRAINING DEVICES” for use of DM63A2 ammunition in 2012 and 2013, but both of these purchases were for the Canadian Leopard 2’s (Leopard 2 A4 CAN and Leopard 2 A6M CAN. The devices were also used for DM53A1, NM253 IMHE-T DM12A2 HEAT-MP-T and/or HE-T.
From what I can find Canada received it’s first Leopard 2 in 2007 and retired the last of the C2’s in 2015.
Considering the C2 is an L7A3 or L7A4 depending on what source you find, the difference is just a sensor is a 105mm gun and the DM63 is a 120mm ammunition, I may be wrong but I assume they wouldn’t be compatible.

DM63 also comes in 105mm form. China, Sweden, UK, Germany and Israel all use it in their tech trees, most of them at 9.0.

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They’re moving to 9.3