C2A1 Leopard should have DM63

Yeah, and Italy should get german, french, british and jew vehicles, because they conquered them as the Roman Empire.


so are all other 9.0’s. everything is shifting up 1 BR, nothing is changing

What the C2A1 should get: is the actual protection that MEXAS should provide. That’s the whole deal with this vehicle, it gained 1,5 t in weight, lost 1,5 hp/t and got very little in return.

Since MEXAS is relatively new, first used in 1994 and replaced with AMAP in 2005. Wiki ( i know but i dont have other materials available) states that MEXAS-M, which is on the C2A1 should protect against RPG and HEAT rounds.

looking at the RPG-7 or gun HEAT rounds around that time it should offer more protection and made the addition of the MEXAS-M useful.

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They are not still in the same global political community, whilst the Commonwealth is still together and individually follow and acknowledge the King as their own King. And since War Thunder will not add a Commonwealth Nation then those Vehicles used in the Commonwealth will need to be reprisented in the British/UK Tree which is a nation playable. If the Commonwealth dissolved tomorrow and it was Britain by itself, then those countries would then need to demand their own nations since there is NO chance from that point onwards for reprisentation in the game. But since there is and has been the opportunity to reprisent the vehicles used by Commonwealth Nations with the British Nation (which Britain, Northern Ireland and it’s territories are apart of), there is no need to make things complicated for those players by spreading those vehicles needlessly across random nations not connected to them.