C1 Ariete additional armor kits

Hello, I created this topic to gather information on additional armor kits for Italian C1 Ariete MBT, so it will be easier to find. I will post the information we’ve already had from the old vesrion of the forum.

  1. Correct weights of the tank without and with additionsl armor:
  • 54t C1 without any kind of kits on it
  • Around 57t with PSO tipo 1
  • Around 59t with PSO tipo 2
  • Around 59,5t with WAR kit
  • Around 62,5t with both kits


  1. Protection provided by “WAR” armor kit.
    There are few sources available (unfortunately they don’t specify exact shells against which they can protect):
  • Panorama Difesa Numero 401 - November 2020 (P.44)
    “The War kit sees the installation of additional plates for the protection of the turret and hull from direct hits with APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) type armor-piercing bullets”



  • RIVISTA MILITARE 2005 N.2 (P.67)
    “The first, called “war”, with peculiarities aimed at improving survival against kinetic energy ammunition, will be installed on the entire “Ariete” wagon fleet.”



PS So far we can’t successfully report the wrong protection of “WAR” kit (which is obvious as it doesn’t add any protection against kinetic energy shells in the game) and have to wait until more sources become available.


Brochure from CIO website (has an information about 54 t for base configuration):

Just wait for the new Leo 2 A7/8

I think it isn’t related to this issue. Btw for me it’s kinda sad that Italy wants to just buy Leopard, hopefully it won’t stop its own developments.

Is there a reason that the armour kits for the Ariete are weightless?

No, all the weights are wrong basically.
The only one that’s right it’s the Ariete one with no kits, 54t.

Yeah, AMV only.

Idk, maybe they didn’t have enough info to implement them correctly