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Post by YugoSlav and Mahiwew

History and Description

In 2019, the Military Technical Institute (VTI) of Serbia revealed the second version of BVP M-80AB1. Like the previous model, it retained Malyutka 2T5 missiles, an OM-403 320 hp engine, and two doors at the vehicle’s rear. Unlike the BVP M-80AB1 (2016) this improved version featured a completely redesigned turret with an improved gun, revised armor layout, and new optics for the gunner. Several major changes appeared a year later as the vehicle received an uprated OM-403 engine, 30 mm grenade launcher, hydraulic ramp, and redesigned infantry seating configuration. As a result, the vehicle received the designation BVP M-80AB2.

Despite the changes in armor layout, the vehicle’s protection stayed the same as on BVP M-80AB1 (2016). The armor protects against 30 mm AP rounds from the front, 14.5 mm from the side, and 7.62 mm from the back. To increase the space of the troop compartment, the seating configuration of infantrymen was changed from “back-to-back” facing outwards to “face-to-face” facing each other. This was achieved by moving the central fuel tank from the troop compartment to two smaller ones located on the sides of the vehicle. Two swing doors were replaced with a hydraulic ramp, giving infantrymen easier access. Mobility was not hindered thanks to the uprated OM-403 engine producing 370 hp.
The newly constructed one-man turret was designed to install 8 smoke grenade launchers and a rechambered Zastava M86 (30x210B mm) autocannon. The new gun is now called Zastava M12 (30x173 mm) and can fire the most modern NATO standard ammunition including APDS, APFSDS, and airburst. Other armaments include an M86 7.62 mm machine gun, an M93 30 mm grenade launcher, and two launchers for Malyutka 2T5 missiles. The turret is also fitted with new gun control equipment featuring thermals and a laser rangefinder. The new day/night optronics package can detect targets up to 2,000 m under most weather conditions.


  • Essentials
    • Length; 6.42 m
    • Width; 2.9 m
    • Height; more than 2.20 m
    • Mass; ca. 17.5 t
    • Crew; 3
  • Protection
    • Armor;
      • Hull;
        • front: 14 mm + additional armor (protects from 30 mm rounds)
        • sides: 9 mm + additional armor (protects from 14.5 mm rounds)
        • rear: 9 mm + additional armor (protects from 7.62 mm rounds)
      • Turret: 25 mm front, 13 mm sides, 8 mm rear + additional armor
    • APS; LWR
    • ERA; N/A
    • Smoke; 8x BDK M79 smoke grenades, ESS
  • Mobility
    • Engine; uprated OM-403, 370 hp
    • Power/weight; 21.1 hp/t
    • Top speed; 65 kph
    • Amphibious; No
  • Firepower
    • Main;
      • Zastava M12 30x173 mm autocannon
        • Stabilizer; Yes
        • Thermal imager; Yes
        • Laser rangefinder; Yes
        • Vertical guidance; unknown
        • Traverse; 360°
        • Turret rotation speed; unknown
        • Fire rate; 320-380 shots/min
        • Belt capacity; 200 rounds
        • Ammo in storage; 200 rounds
        • Types of rounds; HE, AP, APFSDS, (APDS, Air Burst)
    • Secondary;
      • Zastava M86 7.62 mm machine gun
        • Fire rate; 700-800 shots/min
        • Belt capacity; 2000 rounds
        • Ammo in storage; 2000 rounds
        • Penetration at 10 m; 10 mm
      • Zastava M93 30 mm grenade launcher
        • Fire rate; 50-400 shots/min
        • Belt capacity; 29 rounds
        • Ammo in storage; unknown
        • Penetration at 10 m; unknown
    • Supplementary; U-10 ATGM launcher
      • 9M14-2T Malyutka (SACLOS)
        • Penetration; 800 mm behind ERA
        • Speed; 120 m/s
        • Max firing distance: 3000 m
        • Weight; 12.9 kg
        • Warhead caliber; 120 mm
        • Wire-guided
      • 9M14-2F Malyutka (SACLOS)
        • Explosive mass (TNT equivalent); 8 kg
        • Speed; 120 m/s
        • Max firing distance: 3000 m
        • Weight; 12.5 kg
        • Warhead caliber; 120 mm
        • Wire-guided
      • 9M14-2T5 Malyutka (SACLOS)
        • Penetration; 1000 mm behind ERA
        • Speed; 200 m/s
        • Max firing distance: 5000 m
        • Weight; 26 kg
        • Warhead caliber; 142 mm
        • Radio-guided


New Zastava M12 30x173 mm autocannon at “Partner 2013” military fair in Belgrade

Rounds for new M12 autocannon (from left to right: training round, high-explosive, armor-piercing, APFSDS)

30x173 mm rounds produced in Serbia

New turret during production, probably In 2019

BVP M-80AB2 during trials in 2019. The vehicle still has two doors at the back, old OM-403 engine, and lacks a 30 mm grenade launcher

View of the troop compartment

BVP M-80AB2 during nighttime trials in 2020. The vehicle still has two doors at the back, old OM-403 engine, and lacks a 30 mm grenade launcher

Uprated OM-403 engine producing 370 hp

BVP M-80AB2 during trials in 2020. It has received a hydraulic ramp, an uprated engine and has a different troop seating configuration

View of the redesigned troop compartment

Close-up of the turret

Commander’s thermal camera

In 2022 it received new tube launchers for Malyutka 2T5 missiles

Redesigned Malyutka 2T5 missile which can be launched from a tube

BVP M-80AB2 with camo netting in 2023

BVP M-80AB2 during trials in 2023

BVP M-80AB2 at Partner 2023 military fair. A LWR was added to the roof of the vehicle

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Brochure from "Partner" military fair:


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