Buying tasks

so i still need 3 tasks for the call of the dragon event but i cant get the money together at the moment and i read the forum post for the event and it says they are available to buy “until the 22nd of february” but im not sure if that means that i still have time on the 22nd of february to buy the tasks or if they become unavailable at 22/02 00:00. not looking to pay the absurd prices people are gonna set it at for a coupon on the market

also i see the upgrade coupons dissapear at 11:00 gmt so is the availability of buying tasks in line with this?

It’s a choice…seems you’ve made it.

what do you mean? i didnt have a choice mate i had no money and wasnt able to play much during the event

February 22nd at 11:00 GMT. They disappear at 11:00 GMT.

Your only other option will be to buy it off the market.