Burning ammo can't be extinguish and you just die nonetheless if you have fpe or not

Lets start from the fact that I’m tired with my DM33 shooting ammo of over vehicles and just turn black and disappear and nothing more than that .

I get shot in the ammo , catch fire . Press the fpe , nothing happens , press it again , nothing happens which in the end consumes my 2 fpe’s and still being on fire and just die .

They will say “russia has wet carousel” like water can save you from something travelling 1.8kmh’s into to you .

Tired of dyeing like this from T series tanks in the high br range . Also try and fix the era that 1 block equals 1 round . ERA doesn’t even work like this irl . FFS with your bias Gaijin .


Bro just turn your turret on the side

You can’t put an ammo fire out because it has its own oxidizer. And it burns rather… energetically. The only way to prevent it is to not let it catch on fire in the first place. That is what “wet storage” or water jackets are for. Results will vary.
No T-72++ tanks do not have a “wet carousel”. IDK where you got that from.

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Literally just died from a fuel into ammo explosion in my T-90A which I tried to put out but was too late. This isn’t a ‘Western tank only’ type of thing.

He got it probably from that official response to that one bug report on the issue tracker

1.8 km/h? That’s slower than walking speed.

I made a typo , 1.8k km’s

This is just perfect every time . Same thing happening . Thanks gaijin :)

People are tired from the ammo bug happening at all tiers and on who knows how many vehicles.

Literary i just wanna write a topic like this…its fkin making me crazy if that shit happens with me all the fkin time…got burned used all my FPE’s and still burning like a fkin candle…How can we survive this shit or this bug?

The ammo fire isn’t what’s killing you, it’s the fire spreading down to your engine deck. This starts fires that will kill you, and even if you extinguish them the fire can still spread for the very long burn time of an ammorack. You need to turn your turret sideways, to move the flames away from your engine deck where it can start fires. This allows it to burn out without spreading, albeit it takes a very long time and requires your turret ring to be functional. Still, not a bug.

i always shoot for the ammo in leos because they always shoot my gun out.