"Buoyancy Critical" trash in Naval

Gaijin, fix your stupid “Buoyancy Critical” garbage in Naval. Sick and tired of sitting most of the match in one place semi-sunk. Buoyancy 19% while still having most of my crew. What is this, Ship Sinking Simulator??? If I move, I’m going to sink. Nobody has asked for this, especially that this just has become a major nuisance, major enough that I don’t see a point of continuing playing Naval mode.

It was WEEKS ago when you said you fixed it, but this thing is getting worse and worse and it’s getting out of hand. Now pretty much every other battle my ship is on the verge of sinking. I just sit there in one place like a jackarse and either wait for a torpedo or a bomb or just have to jump out with 80%+ of my crew. All of this, for me, it’s just a way gaijin nerfs battle income. It’s not like constant uptiers are annoying enough, now I have to worry about this “feature” that is bend out of proportion.

Yes, in this match I had 36% crew (multiple ship encounters and a torpedo), but in other battles I would have 80%+ of crew and still be semi-submerged for the duration of the battle. All the little wrench circles are running, but nothing gets fixed. This crap has started in the last month or two. Yep, gaijin gives with one hand and takes away with two. So much for grind improvement. I see what you are doing here, gaijin.


It’s been there for ages, it’s not a new thing.

You can turn into the list and roll yourself out of it, or you can fight it and risk capsizing and rolling into the water.

Also, you are repairing so obviously you have damage that could easily relate to your bouyancy issue.

As I described in my original post, the wrench circle just continues to restart and this continues until the end of the match. Some matches this happens for more than 5 minutes until the match ends.
I know it’s been there for ages, but not in this exaggerated condition. The last 1-2 months have been the worst. There was a reason gaijin announced that they “fixed the bug” some weeks back, but it’s still there… not fixed. It got better for couple of days, then it went back to the non-fixed condition.

Naval was a refuge for me from gaijin’s craziness, but now…

Then the issue isn’t the bouyancy critical ‘trash’ it’s a possible bug that could be reported to highlight the problem…

But that depends on what actually happened while you were having the repairs restart because many things impact that.

It’s not an issue because you ended up dead, it’s about how you ended up in that situation.

Bra how much does Gaijin pay you and Baum and Razorvon to shut down peoples complaints or dismiss their opinions…every thread you guys in if people complain about stuff


We’re rebutting, and if you can’t handle discussions, then the forums isn’t somewhere to be for you.

If peopel are so deadset in it being the game ignoring the other factors, then everyone is merely looking for excuses as to why they can’t handle the game.

And your want to try and point out your ‘opinion’ is obviously off-topic, but shows the actual issue of players who can’t handle discussion or critical debate about the issue they are facing.

The old ‘Skill issue’ or ‘player issue’ is real, and it’s a commonly mistaken stance to take it personally, especially when someone who knows the game, and how things work, is actually explaining.

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You are not rebutting anything. You don’t even try to understand what I was saying here. Excuses, skill issue? I’ve been playing this game from almost the very beginning, but I don’t go around “rebutting” others’ posts all the time.
I bet I’ve been playing Naval much, much more than you do. Skill issue? I’m having 10:1 k/d ratio month after month in Naval for the last 3 years. Maybe that’s why I get so many uptiers and rare full downtiers are total shtshows with steamroll losses 8/10 times. Had more kills with the old aiming system and old shells. I tend to know where things change in game and where gaijin throws a curve.

I was directly responding to XItsBalanceX with those remarks.

Sorry if you misinterpreted them.

Doesn’t mean to say what I said prior hasn’t anything to do with it…

Im serious him and those other 2 are like liberal arts teachers explaining how your wrong every thread…


Again, off-topic… Don’t drag your chain everywhere on the forums. I keep my topics to the thread involved all the time, and everyone comes in with baggage from every other thread to throw out into the mix…

It shows that you are the issue.

Right back to this… Nothing was said in here that was hostile or dismissive… You’ve stated that the repair keeps restarting and honestly, there is something else in that…

Repairs restarting is often due to ongoing fire, or excessive heeling of the ship flooding low lying components - casemate guns are very susceptible to this - you can even damage them in a sharp turn with no enemy action at all!


Yes, after recent damage update, yes lol

Mechanic is pointless and on top of that added in such rough state.

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Here we are NEXT YEAR and it’s still a PROBLEM! I get this, and tapping bouyancy repair does NOTHING! nGaijin shame on you, I walked away last year, and I’m doing it now. UTTER BLOODY RUBBISH :P

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Do you notice this more with specific ships or all of them in general?