Nobody should be bullied in this game about their Service Record! Individuals Service record should remain private and left that way unless they want someone to look at it. I play for fun but on many occasions been bullied about being bad and other things based on my record. Can’t even enjoy the game anymore because constant messages or in game chat. why should I have top turn off in game chat or messages just because of bullying or constant criticism? Also, reporting is not doing anything and the racial comments need to stop too but apparently Gaijin does not care!

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I’m sorry to hear that, and I do agree that nobody should be harassed over their statistics.

On the other hand, a public service record is useful in different ways.

For example to get useful information on your opponent in air battles. Since you can see their name tag, you can also check their statistics compared to yours so you are informed of the risk you take by engaging with them. This is not meant in bad spirit, only for pragmatic reasons.

It can also be used to identify anomalies, like cheating or botting. Overall I think that there are more pros than cons to leaving the service record public.

Despite this, I mean no ill feeling towards you, and you shouldn’t let any mean-spirited comments affect you. I’m sure you’re doing your best.

That being said, moderation definitely needs to improve. Gaijin needs to take a more active role, take reports more seriously, and hire more moderators if required.


If you think that someone is breaking game rules - please report him in game via in game complain system. Please be aware, that if you also break the rules, you will also be punished for it.

Pro tip - you can lower number of people verbally attacking you to almost ZERO, if you will not start chat conversation with direct attack on them, insulting them and calling them names.