Bug with AP round stat cards

The newest update introduced a very noticeable bug with the stat cards of full bore AP rounds. For some reason, all full bore AP rounds (that is, AP, APC, APBC, APCBC, APHE and APHEBC) have angled penetration values on their stat card that do not match their actual penetration. This is most obvious with Soviet blunt rounds, like 122 mm BR-471B. The stat card for this round states 34 mm of penetration at 60 degrees, even though the actual penetration is far higher at 86 mm point blank.

BR-412B stat card


From what I’ve been able to tell from datamines, the reason that this is happening is that the stat card is calculating penetration with the lowest possible slope modifiers for each respective round (which would only happen if the projectile undermatches the armor). Since rounds like APDS and APFSDS do not overmatch nor undermatch, they do not have issues with their stat cards.

This is a fairly major bug, and I have already created a bug report for it. I urge Gaijin into fixing this as soon as possible.