Bug reporting section un forum

With the change in the forum, the bug reporting section has been eliminated, and in my opinion it seems to me that it is an error, because even though they took a while to respond, they always responded, on the other hand, on the web page created to make reports, it seems that more than Create them on that page to be forgotten, I have already made a few reports months ago and I have not received any response, or they have replied to me with nonsensical things and they have closed the report without being able to say anything. I think they should return to create a section in the forum for reports, or that the moderation on the reports page be a little more active and that the report does not close quickly without giving an explanation.


I am not sure that your wish to have bug reports in the forum is really realistic.

I do agree that submitting a bug report feels like playing lotto - some reports are untouched for ages - others are solved within 1-4 months.

The feedback culture is in fact pretty rude. But intended and confirmed by actual gaijin employees - the tech mods are players like you and me and act as volunteers for gaijin in their free time.

I had a few very disappointing experiences last year - but overall my contacts with tech mods were quite nice and helpful. From my point of you they are simply overwhelmed by the total number of bug reports due to various reasons.

Have a good one!