Bug reporting is ridiculous

3 days ago I made a bug report on the Italian StuG III G having the incorrect weight in game, available here.

My bug report was based on the fact that the German StuG III G weights 23.9 tons without add-on track armor, 24.35 tons with track armor, while the Italian StuG III G, lacking additional track armor and lacking the side skirt plates, weights a stock 24.35 tons. My bug report suggested the Italian StuG III G to have a reduced weight of 23.9 tons at the very least due to this.

And immediately it was rejected and closed under the response of “We don’t accept such reports without sources.” from TrickZZer.

However, there is a comment I made in my bug report, before TrickZZer even rejected it, that mentions the existence of another bug report which was made on the weight of the Japanese M4A3 (76) that, while unsourced, used the exact same logic as my bug report on the Italian StuG III G, comparing the weights of the US and Japanese M4A3 (76)s, yet this bug report was passed onto the developers, and eventually the issue was fixed. Said bug report is available here.

So what gives? One bug report uses logic to say that a tank is overweight and gets passed, and another bug report uses the exact same logic to say that another tank is overweight and yet it gets immediately rejected because it doesn’t have a source.

A source shouldn’t be necessary to point out obvious discrepancies on the weights of two tanks of the exact same model. It is completely ridiculous.


There is certain COUGH COUGH biased moderators on there that tend to “overlook” or close certain obvious things “sometimes” (read: always. Insert Q-5Ls lack of flares and AAM as one example lmao