Bug report collection of German Vehicles

no documentation or images state that it can carry mixed loadouts either. yet in game it still does.

then you have to prove thats IRL otherwise, and they cant run a mixed one…

you have allways to prove thats the otherwise…

Something can a thing in game = Prove thats IRL not the Case

Something cant do a thing which it should be = Prove it can it IRL

i cannot prove that they can run mixed so kek, i guess i just had the su-25 nerfed?

The Su-22M4 is also missing the Kh-25MR which is basically a Kh-23M (which its also missing) but better.


Which Su-25? Because iirc the Su-25T and 39 can run mixed loadouts.

can in game but haven never irl afaik


There is no existence of any proof that mixed loadouts have been used on the Su-25 IRL.
(i have searched).
There is no existence of any proof that mixed loadouts have been used on the Su-17/22 IRL.
(i have searched).

Yet, in game, the Su-25 can, but the Su-17/22 cannot.

Have you submitted a bug report?

yep, sadly they need proof that the Su-17/22 can use mixed loadouts (but they also forbade those loadouts without proof)




Cold War/Today


I also have some regarding the wrong Barrle length of the 2 cm KwK 38 L/55 → L/65
Velocity of the 2 cm 148g Pzgr. From L/65 Barrles 800m/s → 830m/s (including the 20mm Mg C/30 L on He 112 A-0)
2 cm Sprgr. Erd with 11g Pent filler missing from the gubs.
I wish they would be fixed. Would be very fun.

Finally, Tornados will get good, are there any planned improvements to the SAS Damping mode in Full real controls? The pitch axis doesn’t like to stay where the player last pointed the nose of the plane, it tends to constantly pitch down.

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same for the Su-22M4

The Ozelot should have a MG 3


I made this report 6 months ago, still no response.

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Will add it later



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Likely Update on the Puma IFV

  • the unused hit indicator image added in is now used
  • a new HUD indicator “bg_threat”

  • the aforementioned image is no longer used

It would fit for the MAW report
Credits to @gszabi99 for the Datamine

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@Dontkev Su-17/22M4 bug report updated with official sources

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