Bug or intended?

Hello guys.

Just jumped into a match after a few months break from naval.

I targeted an enemy ship, within 2 km of me. (x-2 x-3) but my AA didn’t open up.

Is this a bug? I was not sure if I were supposed to send in a bug report, I remember faintly reading something about AA gunners not shooting a few months back, but I can’t seem to find it.

If it is intended, does anyone know what the reasoning for it is?

You may need to be more specific than that, as even with what you have said it still isn’t really specific enough to say essentially yes or no.

The likely answer in any case though is no, as gaijin made changes for the ai gunners so they wouldn’t target certain types of vehicles so they wouldn’t target ships they are less effective against (for the most part). So for example if you are playing destroyers your AA guns even when they are allowed to target ships will not shoot at other destroyers, however they will fire at essentially any costal boat which are smaller and more vulnerable to AA guns than destroyers, and the same applies to cruisers and battleships.

I should note that this is not determined by if the are sorted under AA or secondary guns but the size of the guns, so to use the Fuso and Kongo as examples, the 5 inch DP guns are sorted differently between the two ships as the 5 inch guns are sorted under the AA armament selection for the Kongo but on the Fuso those same guns are instead sorted with the secondary battery. (which I must say is very inconvenient as it means that if you are using primary and secondary guns at the same time those guns cannot operate separately so the Fuso can be more limited in AA defense because those guns are included with the secondary armament.) In any case despite the two being different while the 5 inch DP guns on the Fuso will target ships, the guns on the Kongo do the same despite being part of the AA armament but the smaller guns that are sorted under the AA armament will not shoot at that target (well unless its a plane or costal boat of course).

Post screenshot

I’ll make a followup comment with more attention to detail, at a later time, thank you for answering though.

Did you have your AI gunners set to “none” or “air only”?

Also see this issue - apparently AA guns won’t shoot at something they are unlikely to cause damage to - so I guess they are likely to shoot at PT boats, and not likely to shoot at battleships!


I have it at all targets, then I select target to engage.

Yeah it was exactly my AA gunners on the IJN Shimakaze and other japanese destroyers which have around 20 AA guns.

It seemed so strange that they just sat on their hands while getting destroyed by a cruiser or whatever. Atleast fight back! :P