Bug in the FLIR of the F-16C's Litening II TGP


just wanted to check in with you all on the status of the F16 Litening II FLIR Mode being bugged.

The resolution was intended to be nerfed from gen3 thermals down to gen2 (800x600) thermals.
So far so good.
Gaijin somehow managed to set the FLIR resolution to gen1 tho (500x300).

This bug is in the game for months now, can we expect some sort of fix for this?
There are several bug reports open in regards to this.

Using the AGM-65Ds has a real pain ever since.

“Acknowledged” and “locked”. That was 2 months ago.


4K ingame resolution and at close distance.

4K ingame resolution from ~8000m. Good luck making out if the tanks are destroyed or not given you even manage to spot them when there is vegetation around.

Zoom doesn’t help much either in figuring out if tanks are alive/dead, besides not being able to differentiate 2 targets next to each other with the seeker.

At long distances and especially if there are dead tanks around already, targeting becomes a nightmare.

This is definitely not how gen2 thermals should look like. Even at 2400m you start to have trouble making out tanks.


This is a joke dude how hard is it to change a line of code ?
I think it’s intentional because of the f16 doing to good in CAS


Yeah it’s starting to get laughable.

This is broken for MONTHS now.


In my opinion, I hope gaijin change FLIR & laser designator pods to gen 3 in 2nd major update of this year


its an american plane/ tank, it wont be fixed, look at the m735


Biggest joke in the game. ITS BEEN LIKE HALF A YEAR NOW. wth Gaijin yall stop selling XM-1s now cuz you have the KVT and clickbait?


That’s not happening cuz the thermal’s were supposed to be nerfed from gen3 to gen2 and by some miracle the F16 got gen1 idk how that happened


I’m of the opinion that gaijin should change FLIR and laser designator pods to gen 3 (AN/AAQ-28(V)4 Litening AT or AN/AAQ-33 Sniper XR) in second major update or third major update of this year

This’s the best way out


yup, another reason i don’t take this game seriously gaijin as a company are lying hypocritical f ups, anything that nerfs a u.s vehicle its automatically passed, even a fake report like that one.


No matter what the way to fix this is (Fixing it back to GEN2, or Changing the entire FLIR machanic), this needs to be fixed.

There are only 2 options why this still isn’t fixed.

  1. The bug (altho being acknowledged) fell through the cracks and isn’t on the DEV radar.

  2. This is a consciously made decision because of some greater balance construct.

Point 1 is laughable since there are multiple bug reports on this that are all confirmed by devs, how do you miss a bug reported by so many players over a timespan of several months?

Point 2 is even more laughable since you make your players keep reporting this issue, invest time in discussions about it but don’t have the balls or the willingness to speak out about a change that is already set in stone internally but hasn’t been communicated.

It’s pretty damn simple. You are either not able or not willing to change it.



So buffs are nerfs in your language? Weird…

These bug fixes usually come with major updates.

More proof why people call you insane.



No, F-15 bug reports getting acknowledged instantly buffing the aircraft are indeed buffs.
Also M735 60 degree pen didn’t get nerfed, only the flat pen; which is incorrect of course, just not the end of the world.

More proof why people gaslight me? lol

I also made a report about that in case people are interested, I hope it will be implemented eventually as well…

In a way the Litening II pods we have in game already reflect this. Litening II should in reality be only gen 1 FLIR going by in game standards (it’s a 256x256 resolution irl) with Litening AT and ER having “gen 2” (in game wise) FLIR at 512x512. Sniper would be better but I don’t see it happening soon as even the Damocles, according to datamines will get its FLIR resolution nerfed from gen 3 to gen 2 next update. So in the end I just want Gaijin to fix the Litening pod names in the game, as they are not base Litening IIs.

Though then again, it might just be a game balance decision similar with heli optics all being intentionally gen 2+ FLIR or better even though quite some earlier helicopters should only have gen 1.


Field of view and magnification are tied as WT doesn’t use picture-in-picture for optics as of current.
So that bug report will likely hang until a point they implement a new optics system that allows them to separate FOV & magnification.

where did i say anything about the F15

wrong again.

wrong again.

no just proof you should change your name again razervon.

Went up by 4mm at 60 degrees 2km:

Not sure why you claim all of NATO is wrong and only Russia’s correct…
But nah, I along with the rest of the NATO playerbase have correct information on this matter.

That might not be the case, it worked for similar reports on other TGP FOVs (ATLIS and Damocles come to mind). But i’ll just wait and see… it almost got sorta implemented before being reverted (all internal) the previous major update…

Still not fixed.


It’s crazy it has not been fixed yet.