Bug in the FLIR of the F-16C's Litening II TGP

Gaijin we all need fix for F-16C Litening II pod. Even new Jaguar IS has normal resolution with same pod. Why only F-16C?! You introduce a new SU25SM3 into the game against the background of a broken F-16


M735 but for the air tree

Gaijin breaks it for no reason and just never fixed it

If gaijin won’t fixed AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II

So I expect gaijin change target designation pod to 3rd gen (Lockheed martin AN/AAQ-33) in second major update

are you going to say this every 12 hours

Amazing to me too that its not been fixed yet as it is a single line of code to change for the fix.

Its easy to rule out lazyness due to this, especially when the gripen still has gen 2 thermals with the same TGP.

Just like M735, it has become obvious that gaijin happily ignores their mistakes if they effect certain nations.

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I feel like it not a bug but they intention to make it that way

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The LITENING II is shit but just on the F16. Hmm

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Haven’t touched the game in like 2 months.

Don’t regret that at all.

Lost cause with these Devs.

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12.7 jet that requires a lot of time to grind, bug that requires few minutes to fix, thats all you need to know

Still not fixed (4 month since report has been forwarded to the developers)