Buff Wiesel 1A2 (ATGM)

because this thing barely have anything to offer beside it’s small size and 20 degree depression

  1. offensive, really BAD
  • it’s ATGM
  • no stabilizer
  • the smoke trail kinda blinding
  • TOW-2B top attack has no IFF so it explode on friendly tank and cant detect heli, hardly kill anything except light armored vehicle
  • slow reload (13 sec)
  • only have 8 missile
  • fly very slow
  • unreliable >1km range
  • cant shoot while moving
  • unreliable for close combat
  • fly like a brick
  • hitting moving target is hardly possible
  • barely controllable
  • shitty post-pen damage, because there’s no spall and hull break anymore, there’s no fricking way 4.5 kg of TNT did nothing to rooikat but only killed it’s commander
  • the damage model is just so bad sometimes direct dont damage anything just because i didnt hit vital point, there’s no way 4.5 KG of TNT does nothing not even breaking the track, or when i hit turret roof
  • no, overpressure is not consistent, sometimes it dont happen when it should, as i said above
  • cant fly straight
  • affected by connection, if you have >300 ms ping and 10% PL you better suicide and look for another match because there will be 300ms delay between click-shot, and 10% make the missile dive to ground
  • there’s just so many wrong stuff with ATGM, objectively
  1. mobility maybe good but in the end it’s just as good as any other MBT or light tank, and destroying obstacle like fence is very hard

  2. survivability: meh, even the track will break if it hit sandbag

buff it by:

  1. categorize it as light tank so it can get recon and arty, it’s tankette it not weird to call it light tank. i mean they called centauro a light tank…
  2. increase thermal sight resolution to as good as wiesel 1A4
  3. maybe lower the BR to 9.3 or 9.0, i use AFT and mephisto as consideration
  4. maybe increase ammo capacity to 9 because, total rack capacity is 8 but with 1 on the launcher it should be 9
  5. also categorize Wiesel 1A4 (AA) as light tank because same case as 1A2
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part of the coming roadmap stuff

besides that it realy is a gimmicky opportunity sniper, stack back hide shoot


that’s nice

thats not realy possible it doesnt have thermal sights, the thermal sight it has is literaly the one from the tow launcher only

not possible either its 8 total, the wiesel just isnt that big

Generaly i would recommend u to read through some wiesel stuff. As example i did a suggestion for the new wiesel mells system.


just give it anyway, it’s a game, anything is possible.

i assume this is the 8th slot for the missile

i wish for Wiesel 1 HOT too

thats not how war thunder works

no the 8th slot for the wiesel mells is outside of the tank

of course would be nice as well

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You are one of the smallest tanks in the game. Its about being a sneaky B@!?/&£d and flanking or firing from sneaky positions.


I’m not sure if there was ever a TOW Wiesel with better thermals than the ones on the launcher itself.

The Wiesel is very good though, not sure why you’re complaining about it.

you didnt read? as i expected

You say that, but you’re literally using it wrong lol. Almost all of your complaints are a skill issue.

You don’t need survivability when you aren’t even supposed to be seen. Complaining that it uses an ATGM when its obvious that it does is ???, TOW-2Bs are optional when 2As exist and are just better, the reload is fine for a missile that will often oneshot, they are pretty fast and unlike HOTs or MILANs they respond well.
It’s also faster than almost everything else, and there’s many more positions you can use due to speed+small size+depression.

sure buddy