Buff/nerfs from a secondary source a breakdown

Hello there, I found a secondary source from the CIA focused on the fire controls systems of tanks in 1980’s. It can be found here; WORLDWIDE TANK FIRE-CONTROL SYSTEMS | CIA FOIA (foia.cia.gov)

Here’s a breakdown of some of the buffs and nerfs I found inside.

Leopard 1
Horizontal traverse would be nerfed by -1.5/s
Vertical would be buffed by +0.9/s

Leopard 2
Vertical nerfed to 10/s

Missing upper elevation limit of +20 degrees not +12

Type 74
Missing elevation limits of +/- 0.5 degrees

This bit can only be a suggestion since gaijin does reloads as a balancing factor.
The document suggests merkava could have a reload time of 5 seconds.

Same as before but 6 seconds.

Same as before but nerfed to 7.5 seconds

The layout diagram here suggests there is a rather big ammo box missing for the 20mm gun.

Type 59
Information suggests there is a Laser range finder missing from this tank. Issues come from that it was added later on and would end up looking like the type 69 there by facing the same issues as the chieftain mk 5.

M48 and M60
The coaxial weapons listed here are different from what we have in game.

And that is all. Keep in mind this is at most a secondary source and would need to be complimented by another unrelated source. Other than what I have listed here the information matches what we have in game for optics.

Primary sources should be trusted far more than secondary ones, and as for the Leopard 2, we have the 2 A4 ingame which didn’t even exist when this document was created.

Leopard 2 and T-90M/BVM/T-72B3 are all having their vertical traverse fixed [nerfed] this year from the looks of things.
Leopard 2 from external reports.
T-series from internal reports.

That external report for the Leopard 2 is from this document which was made before any of the Leopard 2s we have ingame aside from the event ones even existed.

The document mentions the gun drive is hydraulic stabiliser WNA-H22. Which apparently was used up to the 2A4. Only being replaced on the 2A5

Is that the only document giving WNA-H22 those values? Because if 1 CIA document gives WNA-H22 those values and every other document in existence doesn’t, then this 1 documeent should be ignored.

And someone looked into the electric drive of 2A5 and found no difference in vertical control from WNA-H22.
Stab speed is 40 degrees per second on both; though I recently found out that I’ve been experiencing a bug with stabilizer speed and War Thunder currently does not have separate control & stab speeds.

Well given its from the CIA, I’d call it a Primary source.

Mmm not really, it should be considered a secondary source for any listed vehicles. Especially those of other countries militaries.

How exactly is that through a secondary source? A secondary source would apply that the source material came from a primary source and is simply being analyzed. A primary source though was the vehicles being tested: Aberdeen Proving Grounds both the place where many tanks went to be tested for speed, gunfire penetration, elevation, etc, and was the graveyard since most got scrapped here.

So just unsure how this would be a secondary source. So do explain from your point of view I’m rather intrigued.

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