Buff Ki83's damage model or move it to 5.3 (or do both, since ki83 literally ONLY climbs)

we are tired of ki83 literally dying to a single 50 cal as if it was struck by a 300mm ship cannon. Moreso the ki83 is basically a slow boat that just climbs. It’s average speed is 500kmh and loses all momentum in the blink of an eye when going up to get stuck at 300kmh… to climb within the same threshold while stuff like (literally the rest of aircraft) can still invest kinetic energy into climbing before slowing down til the prop has to do most of it’s job.

Pilot sniped?

this person has been complaining about this aircraft for months just ignore them.

no? literally blowing up in half in a ball of flames.

and most people agree with my statement, they just gave up on gaijin even caring about japanese props.