Buff Japan top tier next update

why doesn’t the type 10 or tkx actually get a 2-3 second reload? America upgraded Abram’s and Germany gets 2a7 and ussr gets t90m so why not give Japan a new mbt or just a huge buff to the Japan reload there is literally proof on Japan mbt shooting every 2-3 seconds if this is added or considered next update then it could possibly actually compete with the new broken top tier tanks and there would be a actual good reason to grind Japan I don’t play Japan to much but I have type 10 and but I’d love if Japan got a actual good buff next update.

4 seconds is pretty powerfull but the type 10 really needs its armour holes fixed and maybe a slight buff to the UFP and turret cheecks

It’s already suitable to fight against other 11.7 tanks with it superior ROF,why you still cry INASNE for further buffs?Maybe what you need is not a buff but a press-to-win botton?

If anything, I just want a fuller tech tree, even if that means adding in another country to get more substantial lineups. They keep changing the BR on the vehicles so my lineups all get moved around and now I don’t even want to play them anymore.


I just think if the Type-10s got a 3 second reload, it would become too OP to be balanced.And the biggest problem now is the remaining old bugs like suspension, armourment.Gaijin doesn’t seem to care about those, so we don’t know when it will be fixed.

“capable of 3 second reload”

Under combat conditions / moving you’re not getting 3 seconds

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Its a completely automatic loading system, it doesnt care what the conditions are, in real life its reload speed is a constant ~3.5 seconds


Yes, automatic loading systems have speeds which start straining the equipment

The only time I’ve seen it fire in 3 seconds was in a two shell salvo, if you’re saying you want to have a 2 round ready rack then sure, but I think people prefer the current 4 second reload

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Well thats not really a press to win since its reload is 3s IRL, unless youre saying Japan made an IRL press to win in which yes they did