Buff APDS for British Vehicles?

While APDS has amazing penetration, it does virtually no damage and has little to no spalling effect to actually be useful. I understand that solid shot rounds were nerfed severely a while ago and for good reason. But for a nation like Great Britain where Solid Shot rounds like APDS are the main type of ammunition used, I find the lack of damage and consistency to be agonizing. I feel like it’s only a fair ask to buff APDS to be a lot more consistent for the nation that seems hell bent on using exclusively solid shot ammunition.

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In real life you dont need to terminate the crew of a tank to defeat the vehicle, render it inoperable, knock it out…

Ammunition that isnt purpose designed to MURDER crew upon penetration should be buffed in a way that reflects how this game is purely about MURDERING tank crew.

APDS is perfectly effective at destroying tank breaches, engines, horizontal drives, transmissions… components that in many cases would trigger the tank crew to bail. APDS lethality is poorly represented in the game purely because this game is about MURDER.

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