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vehicles have basically the same use, but one is going to be 11.0 and one is going to be 9.7.
(long-ish range hard to flare IR missile on typical low armor AA chassis)

Strella should be 10.0 minimum, really it shouldn’t even be close to stinger carriers in BR and should be 10.3 like the Israeli chaparral.

side note: has any vehicle ever actually jumped a whole BR before in one BR change? This has gotta be a record or something.


Yeah, I said something about this, tbh, shit should be at 11.0 with the Type 81. So overpowered, super responsive missile, IRST so no RWR warning, super hard to dodge, if not impossible some times.

Strela has good missiles but it still has things holding it back. I could see it going to 9.7 once enough people learn how to use it.

The israeli chaparral is probably more than a 0.3br step above the strela. Sure the strela gets 20g vs 16g. But, the chaparral basically has a smokeless stinger with 16g.

Strela could go to 10.0 if they fixed optical tracking. Currently, i can only seem to lock helis past the IR range. Optical isnt locking jets until about 3km out, at least for me.
They honestly really broke optical because it does the opposite of what it should do when locking helis

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Strela should be 10.0 definitely, though I think Type 81C should be 10.7 personally.

Strela easily out performs the other missile SPAAs at the BR. Ive been trying to spade the Type 93 the last few days, and any time a friendly strela spawns in I can pretty much just count myself out of getting any more aircraft kills while he is alive.

As for the BR jump, I cant remember if anything did go a full 1.0 up, but a few have gone up a full 1.0 (or more) over time, such as the Type 87 RCV which I think actually was added to the game at 7.3 or 7.7 (its now 9.0) and I also think the PUMA went up 0.7 from 8.3 to 9.0 on one go ~2 weeks after it was added.

Ebr 1954 went up 2.0 i believe. Came out at 4.7 and is now 6.7

Type 81 don’t have a rader, 11.0 is quite high, 10.7 can be acceptable.
Chaparrals, though good in other way, but it have a very limited range(kill range less than 4km I think), I think it’s br need to be lower, american 9.0, Israel 9.7 or 10.0.
Strella suits 9.7, medium range(about 5km), and no anti-interfere ability, can be defeated by pre flare.

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No line up at 10.7 so doesn’t make sense to have it at 10.7. Least 11.0 can team up with Type 90s. If it were 10.7, will just end up bringing Type 16s and 9.0 tanks to 11.7 battles.

I know its odd or unfair but soon once Gaijin adds radar outside of map, Type 81 should be able to receive the new missiles with 15km range.

Chaparral has the same range as the strella. Not sure about moving the israeli one down. It does lack radar and has a shorter frontal lock range compared to the stinger. However, it is smokeless and is 16g
Edit: correction. The israeli chaparral has the same lock range as the stinger. Not sure why i thought it was less

Well, it’s more like a attitude, line up don’t mean much in this situation. 10.7 for Type 81 means it’s litte better than things like Roland, but not good enough to go 11.0.
Same as Strella, now only fits 10.0 line up(there are some 9.7 vehicles, but few people play 9.7), but didn’t mean it worth 10.0.

Optical locking works only if theres no background noise to hide the target.
IR lock is bad I will agree.
However I am sure its “radar” that are all around it should be implemented and Strela should go to 10.0.

Sure it can be deafeated by pre flare or going simply low, but lets be honest the majority are gonna ignore bith and still complain.

Irl, yes. But gajin broke that. I can optically lock helis that are buzzing trees but cant lock a jet with a large patch of clear sky behind it.

My theory for jet locking is that gaijin has a set “locking range” for each weather type. So if you are on a cloudy map, the locking range is set low even if the jet is in a part of the sky that has no clouds. I say this because i havent noticed a difference in optical lock range if i try against clouds or clear sky in the same match.

If they gave it its radar, i could see it at 10.0 i agree.