Broken Matchmaker in Naval

Here one team gets 3 battleships, the other side gets none. This issue of mismatched teams goes back to the introduction of the cruisers and is still not fixed. You can’t tell me that a developer that keeps obsessively moving the same tonk up and down 0.3 every few month for a few years for the sake of balance seeking to achieve ultimate harmony on the other hand considers the naval matchmaker to be in good shape. The matchmaker is still awful. I see this as major lazy, get this fixed already, sleeping on it for five years is enough of a pause.

I mean just look at the screenshot. You spawn to this and you immediately see whats up, you know you lost the moment you spawn and now you will be repeatedly punched in the face until your team loses. This is not fun for either team. I had a 200% booster. A few other folks on our team probably had boosters too. But the developer’s laziness meant those boosters were wasted the moment we clicked “To Battle” because there was puck all we could do once those battleships were inserted into the other team. That’s messed up, do something already.

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How do you know the other team does have players not using battleships. I dont always use my battleships depending on what my goal is. If im grinding for rp or sl ill use a premium or the ship prior to the one im researching. If that means i dont play my battleships thats fine.


Because I was the last man standing on our team and nobody spawned a battleship before they quit. Also please don’t play coy. You know very well the game assembles unbalanced matches where it pits a team with strong advantage against a team with a handicap - a BB team vs Cruisers, or Cruisers vs DDs, or small boats vs DDs. In ground battles the game has an equivalent where the sun blinds one team but perfect for another team. So, this is a mechanic that I hope Gaijin abandons because it is wrong and unethical.

No, i dont know that because as i said just because i have a battleship doesnt mean i have to use it. People bring lineups, those lineups might have battleships they might not but you cant force them to play them, especially with 60k repair costs. Some people grinding for money may decide the battle isnt going well and choose not to play them. Just look at all the noobs in tank battles that leave after 1 or 2 deaths even though most have bigger lineups with bigger tanks but all they wanted was to play 1 tank or one vehicle type.

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“the number of players in the vehicles with the highest BR in each team will not exceed 4 players… These are all the rules that the matchmaker uses in random battles. There are no exceptions” (link)

1 v 4 top BR, or 0 v 4, is just as valid as any other permutation up to max 4 each side, in any mode. Even sides is just more likely, mathematically. Gaijin has said any further restriction beyond that would lead to significantly longer queue times. Not great, but that’s the reality.

Thank you. I take this as a confirmation that a team without any BBs can face a team with four BBs, and this is a deliberate (for whatever reasons) step by Gaijin. The reasons stated are unacceptable because the queue would go just as fast if the 4 vs 0 top tiers were converted to 2 vs 2 top tiers or in case of 3 vs 0 converted into 1 vs 2. Still, a much more balanced approach. And given how much Gaijin likes to throw word balance around, not going for balance makes me think of them as either hypocrite or lazy in this case.

Naturally, I trust this has been brought up again and again that in naval a whole BR is much more than a BR in any other mode. Using 1 BR indiscriminately is as stupid and lazy (actually I have much stronger words here) as using monetary amounts without specifying the actual currency. Gaijin is very sensitive to pricing their products in USD vs JPY. USD70 and JPY70 are very different amounts and they differ 100x. Nobody in their right mind ignores this detail such as the currency name in the price denomination. Same should apply to the mode - a BR difference in naval is far more meaningful than in any other mode.

And here I can only restate why getting the BRs for naval right is of paramount importance: “…you know you lost the moment you spawn and now you will be repeatedly punched in the face until your team loses… That’s messed up, do something already.”

Completely irrelevant - replay or it didn’t happen.

Did you actually check the roster of player vehicles in the team list??

I regularly play 7.0 games where I have BB’s in my lineup that I don’t use in that game.

Another way a player might be at a higher BR than their ships is using aircraft - although this is more limited now that a/c have a BR ceiling of 1 level above whatever the highest BR ship is.

Replay or it didn’t happen. Until then your response is completely irrelevant.

lol - oh didums… did someone actually dare to ask for EVIDENCE to support a claim that can’t be provided??

Quelle surprise! :p

But then I’m not claiming anything you can’t actually replicate yourself trivially by simply creating a preset…

Here’s my Japanese one - if I wish I can just field the Shimikaze (when it is repaired) or Kiyoshimo… or another DD I might swap in from time to time - it pends on the map and whether TT’s are likely to be useful or not.

Bruce_R1 posted a link to official Gaijin’s description of their matchmaking mechanic where it is in black and white described how there will be games where one team has 4 BBs and the other team has none.

Looks like you struggle with reading comprehension and went on a limb of talking about irrelevant things like airplanes, whatever, whatever and inconveniencing other people with asking them to do something that won’t advance the discussion one bit and only arises out of your inability to understand the written text.

Bruce_R1’s link is all the proof one needs to understand that what I described in the original text is not a bug, not a bad observation, but an intended mechanics. But I see you only hear yourself and struggle with comprehension of relatively simple texts, I repeat this point for redundancy. I mean Gaijin’s article is mean for anyone 14+, how you didn’t understand it is beyond me.