Broken demage module mostly on russian tanks

Dear All
What happened with apfsds damage on non Russian tanks ? I have been playing French Tech Tree for weeks now trying to grind the Leclerc SXXI out, and I have come to one constant problem. Russian tanks frontally mostly don’t get ammo racket so easy anymore. I find it hard that a 120 mm apfsds shell with a 575 pen at 0 degrees at point-blank range went through the driver (no damage at all, red but not dead), carousel (again no damage, in x-ray it is even shown that charge went black), and exits on its rear. This problem isn’t isolated to frontal only, sometimes on the side shoots the same shell somehow kills only the commander or gunner. It might not be the French’s only problem, but I have encountered it most often with them. Is it the problem with apfsds shells or the damage module or hit box of the Russian tanks ?


Not a french only problem. British tanks also have a tough time penning, and when they do, you have to hit the exact right spot or it does nothng

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Not only that but also even hitting the ammo don’t make them explode 50% of the time.
According to the devs that’s a normal situation.

That’s it.

Also according to devs, the BVMs carousel is wet storage lmao. Which is bs. But yes,hitting BVM to side with APFSDS just to have it stopped by Relikt or the round in carousel going black and nothing happening then it turns at you and you get onetapped. Much fun. Safest way to kill T-80s rn is to shoot under the gun to breech them and then finish them with second shot.

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Dam didn’t know about wet storage. Seams like I will have to use that strategy but it’s stupid and waistfull time wise. I mean usually where is one Russian there are always 2 extra near, and that second shell ends up as the end of you.

Yeah. If there is wet storage, then why isn’t it modeled in game, or at least mentioned as it is ? I mean there is clear difference between protection analyzer and in game moments.


had the problem today too, BVM lateral shelling 2 types of ammunition (black shot broken). Doesn’t care in and kills me. It’s just ridiculous how the game manufacturer doesn’t do anything about it hahahaahahaaha…

It seems to be both an issue of damage module of Russian vehicles and weird Spalling of some NATO ammunition

Well yes since the tank didn’t even exist and has no autoloader …

Seriously ? What in this message deserves a flag ? Thanks “community”