British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Canadians as the RCAF along side the RAF

it is RCAF

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Just noticed in the recent update they seem to have misinterpreted the Swingfire report? i believe that states 1-10x not Just 10x

They do not add x1 sights, never have. Which is stupid


There is no misinterpretation, as always 1x magnification of the gunner’s sight is not implemented.

When can we get the x1 in game? Being forced in for exampel x10 when i just want to have a better look where i aim is suboptimal

I think few months ago I’v been read that British Phantoms have been tests upgraded varients of Spey engine, is that true?

FG.1 and FGR.2 got them in service. When it comes to engines the speys they got were also not test ones.


Hey is Lancaster meant to be able to carry a 1000lb alongside it’s 12000?

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iirc 617 ran modified Lancasters and was a special targets group. 617 sqn is also known as the Dambusters

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British Phantoms should have either Mk 83 bombs or the N.1 bombs on the Bucc.
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Hold on, why are we missing the fencing swords in game?

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Because you’d be radarless if you do.

So no radar, but the chance to get a melee kill

You can do that anyway

Ah but not with a sword attached to the nose cone

Wait, did you actually find evidence of them with the N1 bombs?

They look like Mk 83’s so it could go either way.

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Still, no harm in loadout choice.

Grinding for the Bucc 2B for a Desert Storm GRB line up, and wow do Aden 30s suck.
My kingdom for a Hawk with Aden 25s

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ADEN’s don’t suck. You’re just not aiming properly.