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These reports are suggestions, so its down to the developers discretion to decide on that.

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First of all thanks for your prompt reply.
Makes sense. Have they provided any reasoning as to why they haven’t actioned such a suggestion at this time?

The original nerf seems to be somewhat ahistorical but the suggestion, as far as I understand seeks to redress that based on what evidence is available.

Devs sadly cant provide a reason for not actioning every suggestion report that has not yet been actioned. That would simply be impractical. Most likely a case of they have not had time to properly review them or saved for a later date if something is planned.

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I tried to play some 9.3/9.7s over the weekend in ARB and it sucked. Every game uptiered to fight 10.3s. didn’t see a single downtier.

Yeah, we are in desperate need of a 10.0/10.3 supersonic fighter, an F5C equivalent. Failing that, a really decent subsonic fighter at 9.7 with flares and half decent missiles

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Are you going to update this any time soon?

Also do you know if the ARI 23333/1 (the one on the Harrier II) could detect the K band of the Pantsir?

Update what?

The thread



How many RWR’s then could detect the K band?

I think only the AN/APR-39 (AH-64s, Bo105s and a whole lot of other helis), SPO-150-16M (Su-25SM3) and hopefully soon the AN/ALR-400 (Eurocopter Tigers)

Clearly also the RWR on the Typhoon can detect the K band so we have a few more than just 3.

I was just talking about vehicles in war thunder right now that can detect it, sorry

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RWR has spoilt me. I still sometimes spawn in my tornado not fully paying attention just to get hit in the face because nothing was locking me. Turns out a pantsir has been looking me since I spawned in.

At least next update the default action in the tornado will be

  1. Spawn
  2. turn on periodic chaff deployment
  3. cause an ecological disaster dropping 1200 chaff

Hopefully that might at least slow down radar lock from the Pantsirs

Be blamed for changing the weather while you’re at it. Considering gaijin are testing adaptive weather they should make it so we can cause rain clouds with chaff. But god I hope the separate chaff and flares cokes soon, although it may need a few jets such as the phantoms as they were limited to 60 flares a 30 chaff (if I’m remembering correctly. But should buff mig 29s and such as didn’t they have separate chaff dispensers like the tornado?

What we truly need is a revert of the Bol nerfs, not fun flying the tornado I gotta say. Still just a boom and zoom jet that’s slower and fatter than all the rest. It’s like trying to fly the sea fire all over again, good acceleration but Russian super props decry gravity with how much energy the pull out of their asses.

Yeah, BOL fixes / overhaul would be welcome too. Especially as the Gr1 should have BOL.

But yeah, weather control would be even better. Clouds are the number one enemy of everything.

sounds right, but I dont think that will be a big deal with seperate release controls

Man, where has that report went about the Bol pods for the gr 1, that was almost a year ago at this point (probably not but it’s been long enough). Would make it a lot more fun as then I wouldn’t have to bring the unsightly pods on the outer wing.

If BOL can be configured with whatever mix of flares or chaff we want. Then Im planning both.

BOZ pods to give enough chaff to basically never have to worry about anything radar guided ever again but more importantly the large calibre flares which will allow you to pre-flare (BOL, even fixed wont really work with pre-flaring) but then youd have 320 BOL flares to drop at any incoming missile. it would be insane.

Im guessing the reason we havent gotten BOL yet is either

A) Balance with the other Tornados, as Gaijin considers the Tonrado Gr1 far stronger than the other nations which is why we have the weaker enignes

B) Waiting for this CM overhaul before messing around with CM/CM counts on pre-existing aircraft

the reason we got the gr.1 with the weakest engines of all the tornados is simply because we were getting the f.3 later. their genuine reasoning

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So why doesnt italy with the Tornado ADV have weaker engines on their IDS?