British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Im going to assume its just walls with repairing blocks behind them, like a minecraft cobble stone generator?

Like the cobblestone used to path the areas the centurions used back in the 1950’s (still on topic).

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What are these things on the lower left

Is just the other stuff the other way around

Probably 1,000 lb bombs pointed away from the camera without their tail units attached.

Still was considered to be important enough I suppose. Most of the jet prototypes of the time were kept under guard, including the E.28/39 and early Meteors.

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People, come on, stay on topic.


Clearly on topic, its a british weapon system thats yet to be added to war thunder, perhaps in the next update?

There we go:

Had to remake it quickly

Nice if that happens we could get Taurus XD
(Basically Britain wants to buy Taurus from Germany to supply Ukraine)

I mean they could just give taurus to us and we can send it if they dont want to.
Saw something about Japan sending a patriot system? Back to the US so they could send it to ukraine as to not violate their constitution, I might be wrong on the details.

sound like political shenanigans

BOL were changed

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In what way

Hard nerfed. Decreased the luminosity and doubled the amount you use each β€œfire”.

No source provided either fyi.


Less effective counter measures and they put double out each press of the button.

Effectively half the counter measures and worse.

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not in use of british servic, you wouldnt get the taurus, no plane of yours would have it equipped

AFAIK what is actually being suggested is that the UK buys Taurus as an interim capability for the RAF until FC/ASW is in service, in order to allow the UK to release more Storm Shadows from RAF stocks and give them to Ukraine.
Similar to us buying Archers from Sweden to allow a larger number of AS90s to be given to Ukraine.

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Watch the count, and remember they are less effective.