British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

may i suggest this picture

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And show us the whole ship next time :)

As I said it’s an asteroid. A station in an asteroid.

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I will send an update anytime between 11 am and 6 pm. Depending on how the weather goes tonight.

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mmmh yes, maybe i should try a BRITISH WEAPON SYSTEM asteroid (we are still on topic)

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Adds a whole new meaning to CBU.

I don’t getit.

Meteor shower when you push it into atmosphere onto a target

CAS (Close Asteroid Support)

So an extra terrestrial “rods from god” silicon based cluster bombs?


Only bomb i have made is a server crasher :)

Well we have those tungsten rods that decimated London a few years back. But we also decimate Chelyabinsk again if we want to.

In this server Torpedoes and missiles are not allowed. So making blowpipe is out of the question sadly.

Sad, ship warfare is super fun when you have torps

#9 Missiles, Bombs & Self Repair Systems Self Repair systems of any kind are now banned from use on the server, Missiles and bombs are also banned, this is including but not limited too: Cluster Bombs, Guided missiles, Torpedoes or any other such weapons.”

They truly are heartless bahstards. They won’t even allow increased speed mods either.

Whats the point then…

WHAT!!! How are you supposed to repair your capital ships, like HMS Hood, a british weapon system (again still on topic)

I’m not even sure what “self repair systems” means? Is that jus automated welders dotted around the ship with a blueprint to bring it together? Unlike the historical damage control groups to man the necessary stations (like those found on HMS Belfast (still on topic)