British Stormer anti air rockets fly through enemy planes in RB

I can’t really get a hit, it looks like the missiles just go through enemies.

When I try the test drive scenario, everything works just fine. When I get ingame, I can shoot through any plane. I feel like it is the worst with Russian planes, their hitbox is probably somewhere in another game :d

Helicopters work fine, no problem there.

There is an issue with impact and proxy fuses right now. Seems to impact Stormer fairly badly, I suspect due to the velocity of the hitlets.

Wow, thanks for letting me know that it is a known problem :]
What I did not share in my first post - Stormers rockets now seem to do damage to ground vehicles. They were not potent at all in this view before some patches ago, but now I can kill light vehicles with ease :] BUT NOT PLANES :]:]:]

It’s been a problem for a few weeks at least. Starstreaks feel like they have a 50% chance of phasing through the target at the moment.

In case of Russian planes, its like 100%.
In case of US planes, its like 50/50…
I feel like it has something to do with the heading of the plane. Those incoming can just phase through like in Star Trek :)
While when going away, its kind of better…

Surprised it didn’t get moved to 10.7 in the patch like the other UK SPAA since taking a dump on UK SPAA is the trend.

Stormer is not really OP, maybe against choppers but jets can totally evade the rockets using speed and a good angle… And now with the phasing thing, I just hunt BMPs :))