British mid Tier SPAAs need a major buff

British mid rank SPAA’s struggle. The Crusader is good at low rank games but once you hit Rank IV all you get is the Skink… It’s a OK SPAA against lower ranked prop powered stuff but at this rank most CAS are jet powered, (especially arcade) high speed, highly armed and very difficult to kill.

It also overheats fast, burns through ammo too fast and is generally ineffective at all high altitude carpet bombers.

It’s sad this BR 5.7 thing has to go through to BR 8.0 before the next upgrade.

Surely it could either get some upgrades, greatly reduce the gun overheating? (the stuff that’s attacking it from the air has no issues with 5++ second bursts of 20mm fire on the poor Skink but the Skink cooks its guns in 2-3 secs)
Increase its ammo load so it doesn’t have to reload every 3 seconds and just make it more capable of actually shooting stuff down.

I’m a decent SPAA player but I hardly ever get kills in his thing.

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Yep, we got the Bosvark instead of something to fill that chasm. not sure what , not overly familar, but its a big problem. and not only GB has that problem. They need to do an SPAA update, Just adding in SPAA to all these gaps and fixing Ai controlled SPAA as well. and whats kinda funny though, is that the Falcon isn’t actually that good for SPAA, but is probably the best AT tank at BR8 for britain. That thing slaps with Sabot rounds

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There is a hidden card at your disposal here.

That would be the G6 with proximity fuse shells.
It can prove to be a wildly effective SPAA with some practice.

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I think GB has a fomridable choice for anti-air. Nonetheless there are gaps of course. Bosvark can be a blast, Skink is not as easy to hit with, but lately I realized that the first Crusader AA is rather good too, cause many CAS-Pilots are pulled by anti-air like from a magnet and turn towards you at once for a strafe. With the bofors right in their face… The Falcon I do not have yet, so for now I´d vote for Bosvark as my favourite. The G6 I tried twice and scored once. Made me laugh :)