British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

Kinda why i picked 8 years 🤣

Regardless is we need clarification in this regard, as right now it seems like we are both not being listened too, and have no one actually doing the job. The 3 years of faffing with british light tanks when all the information is readily avalible is testemant enough to that


wait, i am not part of it, but in what way does the uk community fight itself? air and ground demands should be seen seperatly, for ground most want light tanks or for the challengers to get fixed, getting vehicles fixed is sth else and on gajin that they implemented wrong in the first place looking as example challenger 2e

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alright but i’m not sure sidewinders fit on the RP-3 rails, but lets do it anyway

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Fairly certain it could run either ASRAAM or Aim-9X. But id have no issue with a 9L carrying Typhoon as a stop-gap and get incremental upgrades as and when it could.

Actually. DA2 loadout

No that would do. No AMRAAM or ASRAAM. that would be balanced addition. 6x 9L, 2x Skytrash

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the main problem is balancing with germany and italien, they all had different stages of prototypes and would both have screamed if they didnt receive their own eurofighter

I really wish I’d formatted this poll differently, the way I worded it made it look real easy to make T-90S for Britain appear more popular than it is .

lets see how this pans out, though i expect more seething if that gnat thing is correct


Yeah, that is true. Though i could see a bodge job to get them on all 3

Yeah. If that is all we get. Its proves britain is a DOA nation in gaijins eyes and they have given up even trying with minor nations

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And they are a broken mess, if its of brit origin you know it will be on peace time settings XD

We’d be lucky if we get a typhoon that has fuel in it 🤣

and its engines running at 90% to save on maintancence costs, looks over at the burning husk of the javelin

You mean the “supersonic” british jet 😅

Yeah, a lot are like that

it cries deeply

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Mistakes may have been made, should likely have kept it more focused to a single yes or no question