British foex is too good for 7.7

How about nerf the fox to 9.0 because it seems yall haven’t thought about the type of tanks that it faces in 7.7-8.7. For example most tanks in this br are paper tanks ( no armor) like the leopard 1, VIDAR , marder and so on.

Second please fix it’s damage models as even tho you shoot a apds round with 350mm of pen, somehow the driver eats it and the rest is fine. Same for atgms.
Shot a MILAN atgm at it and it eats it like it’s dinner. Also most tanks don’t have the turret speed to be fast enough to shoot it as this thing speeds across the whole map to our spawn point and shoots everybody from the back at. The. Start. Of. The. Match.
I suggest moving ot to 9.0 as it faces tanks with actual armor and fair capabilities to defend against it. But not putting it so high that it faces m1 abrams and leopard 2.

Please listen to this.

Poorly coordinated rant, I simply can’t see how this is an issue and other flanking vehicles like the BTR-80 aren’t on your radar lmao

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