Britan needs a new top tier after the new trailer

Ok I think this needs to be said, but if Gaijin sees this. PLEASE. UPDATE. BRITAIN.

Britain has been left in the dust by every other nation when it comes to top tier aircraft. Every other nation either has a Mig-29 or the F-16 (Export versions included) and Britain has no good top tier aircraft made for fighting and also NO NEW AIRCRAFT AT ALL.

The last time that a NEW aircraft was introduced to the tree was the Tornado GR.1 back in Apex Predators (I am not counting aircraft like the Sea harrier FRS as that’s is just a harrier variant and not a new aircraft relatively speaking)

Tanks are not as bad and even has some good ones like the Black Night (Tho it has no armor) but there are other tanks that I think should be introduced like the rest of the FV family. For instance; the FV4034. And I’m not even gonna mention how gaijin had to add the South African line because I’m assuming they didn’t know about that many tanks.

The current state of the helicopter tree is also abysmal as our first helicopter starts as 8.3 BATTLE RATING. While the American AH-1G starts at 8.0 and is arguably a better helicopter while our first Helicopter has 4 crap missiles and a top speed that gives me aids. Oh, and they also REMOVED ONE OF OUR HELICOPTERS FOR NO REASON. The Rooivalk was a premium helicopter that was removed, and while I didn’t buy it, it was at least fun to test fly, BUT NOW ITS GONE AND WE DONT KNOW WHY.

Naval is ehh, I don’t play it because who plays naval anyway??

My final point that I’m trying to make is that Great Britain is a nation that has a lot of interesting modern aircraft that would fit in the game. I’m not complaining about low tier as its perfect as it is. But anything past 8.7 feels like a slap in the face as its just variants and Phantoms. The Early Eurofighter would be an amazing addition that could sit after the Tornado F.3 because Every other nation has a really good top tier jet like Italy’s f-16 and super harrier. China even has an f-16. Even Israel has an f-16, and its a two seater! So don’t let Britain top tier be in vein, it needs a change!

This post was also made after the Air Superiority trailer came out, so France and Sweden are exempt because they get new jets.

But we don’t.


Update: I have just been aware that the FV4034 the the designation for the Challenger 2 which is in the game, apologies but the point still stands

I agree Britain needs a top tier aircraft. But this was just a trailer and trailers never show every vehicle. Let’s wait and see if the dev server has something like the MiG-29K before freaking out

I think they are getting the swedish jet.

But if course American and Russia keep getting the good stuff.

They got the Mig29 and F16, then got another MIg 29 and F16 and now they get the F15 and SU27.

because gaijin favours USA and Russia

Yeah I was hoping to see a pre-production EF Typhoon (ie the DA2) or the CF-18 to give the UK tree something but I guess not. Even if UK was to get the SAAF Gripen-C, AMRAAMs were noticeably absent from the trailer so the Gripen is not getting them as of yet. (ofc this has been said before the Dev stream even, so I’ll withhold judgement till then)

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The thing is, the difference between the prototype typhoon and the production one is minimal so most of the stuff about it will still be classified


FAULT IS to economy of Britain which was BAD at that current time.

If u read that with a strong bruhish accent it comes out real damn funny lol

me having a slightly posh British accent ;-;

I think a CF18 or Aussie Hornet would be a great start, if the snail wanted to be a little more adventurous the EAP would be interesting. Carrying Skyflash and ASRAAM it would offer a slightly more advanced weapon capability over the Tornado F3 whist haveing a significant flight performance upgrade. would be a nice transition between the F3 and the EF.

Do we even know when the dev stream is

2 hours from now, I’d wait until at least the maybe even until the dev server before deciding how shit our new aircraft is.

@Gunjob said SA gripen C is going to be in UK

Pretty much bang on with that

Gripen C is going to the UK while Sweden is only getting the Gripen A
So you’re technically better off than sweden right now with planes they made and used themselves
which is quite the questionable choice

They could easily give Britain an Aardvark. We ordered a custom model of it and it basically got to the first days of production before we cancelled the order, so it is entirely possible to have a slightly-modified Aardvark for the British Tech tree.

The real problem here is whether or not Gaijin actually want to invest in the British tech tree. Historically they’ve never wanted to, hell we don’t even have Supermarine Spitefuls after a decade, and other nations get better versions of our own models.