Britains Aviation research is undoable

With the addition of the Gripen, you now need 4 Rank VII Planes with only 4 in the regular tech tree, of which 2 are in one research line, and one Squadron Vehicle to get to Rank VIII. 2 lines dont have Rank VII at all. I think Gaijin should move some Planes to Rank VII, so we have more options to reach Rank VIII.

Just wait when you see Japan


I don’t see a problem.

Their rank 6 does struggle although both of the T-2 style airframes are better jaguars and you can sacrifice a missile for some makeshift flares. Their 104 is bad though but its not like Britain has any particularly good options from 8.7 onwards until the Harrier GR.7 and now the Gripen. The GR.3 is alright at grinding bases and the Phantoms are pretty horrible for their br, i’d almost say the EJ Kai is better br for br than the FG phantoms but i’m not sure.

The simple solution IMO would be to add the Supermarine Superswift at 9.3/7 and the same for the Gnat and then something like the Atlas Cheetah as a 11.3 aircraft, probably in the FGR tree. But atm there’s not really any good aircraft past 8.7 until top tier.

Japan however I would say probably needs a sub-tree to augment them.

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Or china two absolutely shit lugs La-11/9s and two bombers at rank 4 and you have to do all of them inorder to reach jets , personally I don’t have a problem to research them but should have given us Atleast 1 good option at 5.3-6.0(rank 4) like the historical Chinese yak-3s but no