Britain top tier worth it

The Challenger 2s are niche but usable. But the overall line up isnt the strongest currently. 10.3 is definetly the last time Britain is decently well rounded. Not that top tier is bad though. but we could really do with a dedicated SPAA system and a really good IFV at 10/11.

But the Challenger 2s have issues a mile long, but starting with the next major update. They might be getting fixed. So it really comes down to how much you want the Challenger 2s.

That being said, Sticking with a 11.3 line-up and avoiding the 11.7s does seem to net quite a few downtiers recently. Whilst the BN, 2E and 3TD have notable advantages, The 2, 2F and TES arent to be scoffed at either, if played to their strengths.

I do highly recommend downloading an alternative sight for the tanks via WarThunderLive. It makes such a difference, as you need very accurate shot placement

A core strength of our top tier line up though is our CAS. The Tornado Gr1 is a bit of a powerhouse of a CAS with the PGMs, so long as you dont encounter any Pantsirs and the Apache is very good too.


In my opinion the real top tier of Great Britain is 10.3, just a fantastic line up.

Im sure its been said already, but honestly wait till the new major and see how they rework Challenger 2s as that will decide whether they become relevent (for the first time since their introduction into the game) or stay dead.

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Not sure why the next update would matter while the Abrams robbed the 1 thing that made the CR2 different from the big 3.

Because theyre reworking the CR2 damage models.

Is that going to include the wall of ammunition propellant protecting the engine?

We will have to wait and see.

I think the main change coming is a new mantlet. The hope is this will give us much better protection in this main weak area

but I do also think there is also several outstanding bug reports regarding the ammo (it shouldnt be so easy to detonate), the armour around the ammo and even the ammo placement.

The Leclerc’s round has the lowest spalling though.

UK top tier only for cas enjoyers. Ch 2 never gonna be meta MBT so If you play mostly MBT than skip it and grind other nation (Sweden best choice).

Im currently making my way through the british TT and i yet have to reach challys, but ive played my fair share of top tier against them.

From meta standpoint, they are prolly not worth it IMO.

Meeting chally 2 anywhere outside of hulldown is akin to running over a speedbump at high speed.

Take that as you will.

britain is worst tree after israel

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I thought the rework said they would look at the turret armor. They said there wasnt enough info to adjust the damage model.

I have Isreal fully researched. I quite like the merkava 4m

im doin fine with Israel but the mk3+ arent modeled right but i digress

fun fact just shoot the tracks of any russian tank with HE (facing front) its an insta kill with the 120mm gun :) can also try it out in test drive works on t90 aswell

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Yep, that is essentially true currently. But we are waiting on our armour to be actually modelled

They said they would investigate it so theres hope.

I mean 2E and BN seems to have a good mobility (and ditch currently useless ERA) so these two MIGHT be good if i ever reach them, but other than that?

It really hinges on the model overhaul coming soon™

That could fix the giant hole in our armour in the front of the tank. Not too mention things like ammo placement and crew placements are likely wrong.

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