Britain needs more Indian vehicles

Firstly, India has many distinctive vehicles. For example, Arjun tanks and Tejas fighter jets
Secondly, India can fill the gap in the UK。The UK lacks third-generation aircraft, while India has these aircraft, such as the M2K SU30 Mig29K.


want to make Great British great again ?

Do it

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+1 Would be really interested to see Indian vehicles in there.

Problem is India uses really diverse equipment, giving Britain access to BMPs and T-72s, people might complain about “Tree Diversity,” and them all becoming the same.
Maybe it would be ok if it was renamed to the commonwealth tree?

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At least the Arjun needs to be added

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Bad enough with all the south african rubbush

South Africa is an actual sub tree
Arjun is a unique tank that the Indias use

The unique stuff, sure. But filling the UK tree with Soviet/Russian equipment is just a can of worms. Britain players don’t want it, Soviet players don’t want it.

The game has huge issues when it comes to some of these vehicles and where they go, e.g, the Leo 2 PL went to Germany, since Germany made the Leo 2, the M1A1 AIM (despite Aus tanks already being in the UK tree) went to the US, then, the T-90S, being a Russian tank, went to the UK. Gaijin have little to no consistency and it hurts the game in the long run.

Edit: Look at the Swedish tree, they just copy pasted Soviet stuff in there, giving Sweden a lower BR T-80U.


Well said

Im always thinking gameplay not appeasing every patriotic person in every corner of the globe

There just needs to be an allied and axis minor countries teams.

India can stand on its own from rank IV tbh

Worse shell

Gaijin should add the arjun variants to fill some gaps(Maybe Vickers line). Germany should get one Arjun as well.

As long as all its ammo is in the game im happy

India should have its own small tree, maybe with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as a subtree.

The rest of the Commonwealth can fill out the UK.

I’d love to have a T-80U at 11.0 with a worse shell in my Soviet tree, sounds perfect.

Please no, they are better suited for other trees, like the Soviet tree or even its own tree. UK has LOADS of options Britain Air Tree - What's left to be added for all BRs

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+1, the MiG-29K in particular would be great to give Britain their very own 12.7 (with R-27ER1s for now, Fox-3 eventually)