Britain Air Forces

The pre-production model had two internal ADEN 25, production Hawk 200s use the centerline gunpod like the older Hawks

I suppose that’s true, but if everyone has the same stick you are still stuck with FOXHUNTER which compared with at least the PS-05 is worse. I don’t know, I guess we will just have to make whatever we get work.

That’s a fair interpretation.

Ahh thats a right shame as i’m sure the pre-production would have had some sort of significant downside but the singular centreline 30mm would be insanely hard to use at top tier.

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Time for a Hawk 200 suggestion propaganda


would be really nice with 9L’s at 10.3/10.7

The only main downside to the pre production Hawk 200 would be lack of integration of later weapons like ASRAAM and AMRAAM. Although that arguably works in its favor as it’s subsonic


11.0 with Skyflashes… Leave the sidewinder only for the 100 series :)


BAE Hawk 100 (early): Britain's Bird of Prey (i)
BAE Hawk 100 (late): Britain's Bird of Prey (ii)


Hawk will be the new spitfire of the tree…

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My thoughts exactly, if it sacrificed SKYFLASH then maybe not worth it but as a low(er) tier missile bus with some decent flight performance clean it would be great.

On the topic of trainers… Please Gaijin the Gnat, it is the direct response to things like the G/91 and CL-13.

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And (maybe) the lack of wing tip pylons on the earlier one too, I have to check that, but I haven’t seen them on the early except that mockup I found, which idk if would be enough for Gaijin to consider it.
*The mockup:


I mean, we could just say this is one of the prototypes heh


@Headnaught what would be the possibility of adding something like the Gnat MK.2 as the wing was built, engine was partially (?) built and due to be mated to a standard Gnat fuselage before it was cancelled?

Hawk is something that should have been added years ago (how many times do we say that) to be honest. Even still, I’d take something fun to fly over another brick with “good” missiles.

Yeah. In the absence of anything “top tier”

  • Any Hawk
  • Jaguar Gr3A
  • Buc S2B
  • Avro Vulcan

and then finish the Tornado IDS and I would be very happy

(You defo cant tell that I like mud moving :P )

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That’s pretty much how I feel, I’d trade in a top tier for the Superswift, Gnat and Hawk.

I can’t speak for Gaijin on that front (or any front really but that’s besides the point). If it was partially built then I guess it would be a valid suggestion at least.

I wanna know why they never put Spey’s into the Jag, it was known that the Jag’s engine was hilariously underpowered but surely the Spey would’ve been the perfect redesign, China did something similar for the JH-7 and Japan with the T-2/F-1 (obviously not with Spey’s).

With the ‘big wing’ redesign and new engines I think they would’ve lasted waaaayy into the 2000’s. Even better when you realise BAe at the time wanted to use the new carbon fibre manufacturing for lighter but as sturdy jaguar wings.



Because Tornado I think. Probably would have been done if the Tornado was never made (dont forgot there is nothing cheaper than the UK government, Especially in the 1970s)

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Thanks, I’ll do some more digging although I suspect it would be a pain in the ass to balance. The standard Gnat regularly beat Pakistani CL-13’s so a Gnat with a thinner but larger wing and afterburning engine would probably be stupidly hard to balance in-game.

I would’ve thought upgrading engines and cheaply adding newer wings to existing fuselage’s would’ve been cheaper but i’m sure the logic at the time disagreed.

T-2/F1 uses license built versions of the jag engine and the JH-7 uses license built speys xD